Small Seeds Bible Campaign

LISTEN TO THIS: There are 80,000 people who will die today in South Asia without ever hearing about Jesus Christ. They don't know his name, let alone that He died for them. Let that sink in a moment. They don't know HIM. 97% of these unreached people live in an area called the 10/40 window. Yet,... Continue Reading →

ALS Denver Walk in Photographs

Walk Details: 3K around City Park Lake, Denver, Colorado. September 13, 2014. To date, walkers around the country have raised over $21 million during the Walk to Defeat ALS! That is a lot of moo-la to help find a cure for this terrible disease. My favorite shirt: "Believe. Pick a stronger word than Hope. Cure.... Continue Reading →

Reaching the Most Unreached | myGFA

Do you wish you could be a part of reaching millions with Christ's love? There are people who are doing just that in small ways. I would like to introduce you to these people. August edition of Small Seeds is brought to you by Gospel of Asia and myGFA. Clara | Turned her love of... Continue Reading →

An Open Letter to Our Elected Officials, No. 2

Dear elected officials, It is with a heavy heart that I am writing this letter. I had high hopes for you. I had hoped that you would make good on your campaign promises. I believed you when you said you would change this country; make it better, greater, safer, stronger. You said you could fix... Continue Reading →

Planting Small Seeds to Grow Big Ideas

Ideas are like small seeds. Stay with me here... What happens when you plant seeds? If you take care of the seeds, they will grow into something big and a giant pumpkin that wins a blue ribbon at the county fair. You start with a small idea. Right now it doesn't look like much.... Continue Reading →

Year of Action | Doing Good

Question: What is your do-good passion? Do you wish to help fight childhood hunger in America? Do you, or a loved on, have Juvenile Diabetes and your greatest wish is to find a cure? Is your passion to help at-risk youth make a better life for themselves? Does the thought of another child being bullied to... Continue Reading →

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