31 Things | Transportation

I never wanted a minivan. Minivans are “soccer mom vans”. They’re just not cool. I’ve always wanted a Jeep. When I was 20 years old I wanted a CJ7 Jeep so bad I was willing to learn to drive a stick shift. It’s harder than it looks, so, I settled for a Geo Tracker. It... Continue Reading →


I watch my girls. I watch how different they are from one another. Alexandra: the perfectionist. Parker Faith: the free spirit. I watch what they say to one another. Sometimes saying such hurtful things it makes my heart ache. I watch how Alex is growing into a beautiful young lady. A lady that is learning... Continue Reading →

i am thinking…

Things I love: My family, my friends, my dog Things I wish I had: Inner-peace, a bigger kitchen, more time, more patience My favorite place(s) on earth: Home, the ice rink, any bookstore Things that gross me out: Sitting across from someone who is eating with their mouth open. It's not see-food, people! Things I... Continue Reading →

tell the whole story this season

Before I was a scrapbooker I was a journaler (is that even a word?). To me scrapbooking is more about the story behind the photographs than the photographs themselves. What was going on in that moment that made me pick up the camera? What is the meaning behind the photo? Sure, I have my share... Continue Reading →

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