Strong women support other women…or so they say.

”When women support other women, incredible things happen.” Unknown I’ve seen this quote in my social media feed...a lot. I bet you have too. And, why not? It’s inspirational. But is it really what women do? We all want to think so. Right? I have seen two very striking examples this week of that not being... Continue Reading →

Because No Girl Should Miss School for This Reason

Ladies, let's talk about maxi pads. No blushing, now. It's a natural part of being a woman. Some days our menstrual cycle can be down right inconvenient...and calls for a lot of chocolate. But, one thing I don't worry about? Having maxi pads. If I happen to look under my bathroom cabinet to find I... Continue Reading →

It’s a Birthday for a Cause

Who is the most devalued human being on the planet? WOMEN. Right now...4.3 babies are born every second. Right now...1 in 125 women die during childbirth in the Achham District of Nepal where Nyaya Health works. Right now...3,000 clinics throughout Nepal, most of them do not function properly due to lack of skilled staff and... Continue Reading →

5 minutes for faith

Head on over to today. I am a floating writer over there! Read my post "Who said helping others is easy?", then read all the wonderful posts by women for your daily dose of inspiration.

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