Snowy weekend

As I write this on a snowy Saturday afternoon I feel more like crawling under the bed covers. Last night we picked up our ’72 Charger up from restoration. It’s been in the shop since May to have it completely redone. I will post more on that next week. Glenn was like a little kid... Continue Reading →

The weekend is always better with cake!

It's a long 4-day weekend for the girls with no school on Friday and Monday. And it started with a bang! Alex had major girl drama with her BFF. They are only 10 & 11; how much drama could there be? Hurtful words were exchanged, feelings were hurt, cell phones were taken. Then, at parent-teacher... Continue Reading →

Weekend wrap up.

It was another busy weekend again. Why are weekends so busy? Shouldn't we be slowing down and resting for the upcoming week? As always, we started Saturday off at the ice rink. Parker passed her skating test to advance to the next level. We bought some bling to put on Alex's competition dress. We are... Continue Reading →

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