Secret Summer Hideaway

In our backyard, behind the Tuff Shed, is a small area that doesn't get used. There is a willowy Aspen tree and some runaway ribbon grass, but not much else. It's a perfect place for a secret hideaway! **BEFORE** **AFTER** Using some shear curtains, clothespins, twine, an old blanket, and old throw pillows we made... Continue Reading →

an annoyingly perfect day at the pumpkin patch

Before I had kids, I never stepped foot into a pumpkin patch. Two kids later, a day at the pumpkin patch is a time-honored tradition, or at the very least guaranteed to be annoying. Whoever thought up the idea of foregoing actual farming to plant a huge pumpkin patch, then charge people to enter, is... Continue Reading →

what to do this summer

What I love about more homework for Alex! Who would have thought that a second grader's homework would be soooo exhausting? And, lazy evenings on the front porch. What I hate about summer..."I need someone to play with!" {and as soon as that little friend leaves} "I need someone else to play with!" Whatever... Continue Reading →

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