Let’s go to the Zoo!

Last Friday it was 55 degrees. Saturday we woke up to 5" of snow. Gotta love living in Denver! The girls' winter break is over. All I have to say about that is "Hallelujah! And Amen!" They are driving me and each other crazy. Maybe it's because we haven't done a whole lot over the... Continue Reading →

Free Day at the Museum

Free day at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science¬† |¬† View of the Denver Skyline on the 4th floor. Why have I never known about this view before now? "Expedition Health is about YOUR human body-how it is constantly changing and adapting in ways you can see, measure, and optimize through the choices you... Continue Reading →

Today…at the pool

Today, as I was swimming laps the river pool, I watched a women walking (as in exercising) in the pool and talking on her iPhone. I was waiting for her to drop it in the water, but, sadly, it didn't happen. Then, she moved over to the kiddie pool, sat down in the water and... Continue Reading →

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