Thankful Tree Centerpiece

Like a lot of families, it's become a tradition to write out the things we are thankful for during Thanksgiving. Because my kids love crafts, they required the activity to be craft related. I demand that the craft to be E-A-S-Y. Last year we colored a stuffed blessings turkey {see it here}. This year we... Continue Reading →

kids feeding kids

"We don't have anything to eat!", say my two kids... Even though the cupboards have food in them, they insist there isn't anything to eat. We may not have any {insert favorite junk food here}, but there is plenty of food to eat in the house. My children are very lucky to have never had... Continue Reading →

you made my day, man

Yesterday started off rotten. Alex wet her bed and climbed into bed with us at 3 o'clock! But she just doesn't crawl into bed. She has to wake us both up as she is crawling into bed. Then Daddy tells her to go use the bathroom. Honey, she just wet her bed, I think she... Continue Reading →

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