Counting your blessings

Sometimes it's easier to focus on the negative. This world is sort of built for the negative. It's not what you have, but what you should have. That kind of mentality is all around us. Sometimes it's easier to dwell on the ones who have wronged us rather than the ones who bring joy into... Continue Reading →


"There is always, always, always something to be thankful for." Author Unknown Right now | I am painfully aware that some of my extended family are struggling with the loss of a father, the impending death of a mother. The sorrow and heartbreak is undeniably unbearable. I have prayed that the Lord will be there... Continue Reading →

Thankful Tree Centerpiece

Like a lot of families, it's become a tradition to write out the things we are thankful for during Thanksgiving. Because my kids love crafts, they required the activity to be craft related. I demand that the craft to be E-A-S-Y. Last year we colored a stuffed blessings turkey {see it here}. This year we... Continue Reading →

7 silly things I am thankful for

Last week my family did a little craft project where we listed our blessing. We called it "stuffed with blessings". Mostly we listed living things that we all should be thankful for but sometimes forget. But there are other little things that I am thankful for this year. This list isn't meant to be serious.... Continue Reading →

daily gratitude

Christmas music. I usually restrain myself and wait to start listening to Christmas music the week of Thanksgiving, at least. Trans Siberian Orchestra is a favorite. I put in a CD last night while sitting in traffic...instant mood-booster. Ice skating with my daughter. I am officially a "skate mom". Alex is now a member of... Continue Reading →

3 reasons i {heart} my husband

3 reasons I ♥ my husband right now. He says, "No, Honey. The meat is dried out because it was a bad cut of meat, not because you over-cooked it in the crock-pot." He refuses to go to a strip club because of his moral beliefs when he is invited to a bachelor party. He... Continue Reading →

what the 4th means to me

In case you haven't realized it yet, the 4th of July is on Saturday. It's one of my favorite holidays. There is no pressure of finding the perfect present, no searching every store to find the perfect Hannah Montana wig for that rock star costume, and no spending 4 hours in the kitchen over a hot stove preparing a turkey dinner... Continue Reading →

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