December Daily | 4…lesson in photography

December Daily, day 4:  So, I wanted to try this with my Christmas Lights for our Christmas card: I did figure out how to change the ISO on my camera. {duh.} But, still, I couldn't get the effect I was really looking for. Not to mention I don't have a very patience subject! If you... Continue Reading →

In the Moment | Photography

I've been "playing" with my DSLR camera again. I am re-learning f-stop, shutter speed, blah-blah-blah. Once I put away my SLR camera 10 years ago and went to a point-and-shoot digital I forgot it all! You'd think it would be like riding a bike. Tonight we are meeting with the last ice skate coach and... Continue Reading →

Breathe in Nature.

#30 of 1,000 Gifts: Sweet little bee letting me take close-up pictures of him. Loving my new Sony DSLR. Still learning to use all the features. Practice, practice, practice. Don't be afraid of getting close to bees. They won't hurt you if you are not a threat. Just breathe slowly. Move slowly.

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