Because I haven’t posted in a month

So. I haven't posted in a month. Can I make it up to you with my new favorite chocolate chip muffin recipe? The recipe can be found on Cooking Classy. We made 36 for Parker's class read-in. It was to celebrate finally wrapping up PARCC testing. And they are #damndelicious! My mom sent me wall... Continue Reading →

Now this is what I call a snow storm!

Finally...a real snow storm. My unofficial snow measuring system of a rusty tape measure on the backyard patio table shows 13". And, no school closures. What? If you remember last week the schools closed before snow started to fly, we ended up with 6.5"...and school was closed. What gives JeffCo? I had 2 very disappointed... Continue Reading →

Winter Storm Warning

Well, not exactly. The forecast was for 3-8 inches of snow. We ended up with 3 (maybe). Bummer. Alex was wishing for a snow day because she had so much homework last night and didn't finish her math. Actually, she finished it, but then realized it was the wrong assignment! Between all the running around... Continue Reading →

Project Life | Week Four

Finally! It's snowing. I have the flu but I couldn't resist take a few quick shots of the snow on the way to drop the kids off at school this morning. Would you say that is dedication or an illness? Parker got a tattoo this week. Yep! It's a full tattoo on her back. Thankfully... Continue Reading →

December Daily | Twenty-three, Snow and other things…

We finally got snow last week! And, as luck would have it, I went to my old office to work for the the snow storm. It felt like going home to visit your crazy family after being away for a while. Familiar but different; and always entertaining. Rocco was so intent watching "Christmas in... Continue Reading →

Why I live here: First snow of the season

Thursday | October 25  I woke up this morning with a sinus headache. A cold front moved into Colorado and the pressure is messing with my head. Oh, there is snow on the ground. Maybe three inches. I wasn't in the mood to do anything--including the housework that I had planned. As I took the... Continue Reading →

December Daily | Day 22…snow day

I am snowed in on my day off, again. How is that for luck? At least I didn't have to brave the commute to work this morning. "...the closest thing to heaven anywhere is a quiet (almost) Christmas morning in the Colorado snow." --Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Officially Broomfield, Colorado got 12 inches in total.... Continue Reading →

December Daily | 3

It snowed, again, here in Denver on Thursday. It's become our Thursday routine...snow Wednesday evening into Thursday! My neighbors had a doctor's appointment in Aurora (near my office) that day. It took them 2 hours to get there because the roads were so bad. Thank goodness I don't work that day. December Daily: Day 3.... Continue Reading →


First attempt at ice skating for Parker. She didn't like it much. She said, "It's slippery." I held her up the 1 time around the rink. Then she was finished. "It's cold." But she sure looks cute in her skates! Maybe next year. First small jumps. Alex trying a new little jump on the ice. Basic... Continue Reading →

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