Weekend Lens | August

Saturday was our annual back to school clothes shopping night with friends. My friend and I treat our girls (4 total) to dinner then shop til we drop...or are broke, whichever comes first. Dinner at Larkburger, then Kohl's, Walmart and JcPenney.  The best deals of the night? JcPenney clearance rack. Friday night the girls camped... Continue Reading →

Count Down to the First Day of School

10 Days and Counting...Seriously, I am! TODAY: School clothes shopping at Target for jeans ($12 on sale), underwear, & socks. Payless Shoes for tennis shoes, er, I mean, Kicks. This weekend is more shopping. They both have grown over the summer and have no pants, leggings, or jeans to speak of. Yippee... HEARD THIS TODAY... Continue Reading →

school days again

Alex is about to start school in a week. She'll be a big third grader! Rumor among the parents is that 3rd grade is going to be harder with more homework and higher expectations. I am told to expect 40 minutes of homework and 20 minutes of reading a night. One hour of homework total? ... Continue Reading →

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