Somedays I feel like an air traffic controller…

...except I don't get to nap on the job. Yesterday was one of those days. A day so busy and scheduled that if I was not careful it would have all gone down in flames! It started with getting to Alex's school early to set up her display for the Science Fair, then drop Parker... Continue Reading →

quote of the day

  Words to live by. Because you don't know what that person is going through in her life that she won't let you back-out of your parking spot in a crowded school parking lot, even though you have your backup lights on and you're inching your way out of the parking spot, she just refuses... Continue Reading →

do you live what you believe?

On most days that answer is probably pretty easy. It's not everyday that we are presented with a moral dilemma that shakes our belief system to the core. Oh, we voice our opinions on major issues--drug dealers, drunk driving, and rapist. You know where you stand when it comes to those issues, but what would... Continue Reading →

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