Strong women support other women…or so they say.

”When women support other women, incredible things happen.” Unknown I’ve seen this quote in my social media feed...a lot. I bet you have too. And, why not? It’s inspirational. But is it really what women do? We all want to think so. Right? I have seen two very striking examples this week of that not being... Continue Reading →

One Word 2018: Let Go

In past years I have had my one little word for the new year come to me by December. Not this year. This year has been a little more labor intensive to find it. I had a handful of words picked out but not one seemed right. Then I saw the Bible verse of Philippians... Continue Reading →

Weekend Wandering: My Mountain Fix

There is something very spiritual and healing about being in the mountains. It's the quiet. The exploring God's creation. The smell of the air. "To enjoy nature, is to enjoy God, they are one in the same." -Unknown Last weekend I had the pleasure of spending the day exploring Mt. Evans with a friend and... Continue Reading →

Weekend Wandering: Finding the Fruit

Sometimes I am wandering around the blog world and happen upon a writer that just has a way with words. A blogger that says exactly what my heart is feeling at that moment. A blogger who strings words together in a poetic fashion it makes me a bit envious. Like, Fione Lynne. "I'm learning to... Continue Reading →

Words for thought

It's been a crazy, stress-filled week and a half. I am trying, really hard, to stay calm. Last week ended with finally finishing up a huge project at work that had my anxiety monster going crazy. I didn't get fired (yet) because, like I said, I am crazy. I mean, my anxiety monster  is crazy...I might... Continue Reading →

Gratitude on bad days

Yesterday was a very long hard day. Actually the last 3 weeks have been pretty hard. But yesterday? It was a crazy shit-show. That's a little term we say in the printing world when things go very wrong, and you may or may not be the cause of it. There are three things I hate: Letting people... Continue Reading →

5 Bible Verses for When Life Gets Complicated

Lately, I have felt that life is really, really complicated. That mostly centers around juggling bills, healthcare paperwork, family obligations, work, family stress, car repairs, so, basically life in general. I've wondered why can't life just be simple? I half-jokingly tell my husband that we should just sell everything and move to a tropical island.... Continue Reading →

Believe in Yourself For Real

I see this motivational quote pinned all over Pinterest: Believe in Yourself. Three little words that are meant as an encouragement, but, do we really believe in ourselves? Sometimes it is easier to believe the "bad" stuff others say about us, but the good stuff goes in one ear and out the other. Why is... Continue Reading →

Nothing but Positive Things to Think About

Now that I have given up social media (FB, Twitter and Google+) cold turkey I needed a little something to satisfy my mindless surfing and some positive things to think about. I can't quit the internet all at once, ya know. I am tiny house obsessed. Maybe it's the purging instincts in me. And, if... Continue Reading →

Encouragement for Today.

Do you ever feel like the internet is full of negativity with people just looking for a fight?  Name calling, misunderstood comments, yelling IN (There really shouldn't be a caps lock button on a keyboard.) In the middle of all the negativity and fighting...there are people in the blogashere committed to the encouragement of... Continue Reading →

Lost | Five Minute Friday

Lost. We always talk about what we've lost. Lost our car keys. Lost our cell phone. Lost our kid in the store. Lost a loved one. Lost our memory. Lost our way on a trip...or in life. But what about what we have here and now? Spare keys. Land line. Our kids hiding. Memories shared.... Continue Reading →

There is a Risk in Speaking from Your Heart

Dear friend, To the one who hasn't sat quietly by while letting others dictate what you should think, or feel. To the one who is feeling persecuted for letting your opinions be known. To the one who has been attacked for having the courage to speak up, let your voice be heard. To the one... Continue Reading →

Graphic Designer By Day

Something you may not know about me is that I am a graphic designer by day, a writer by night. (Seriously, I write mostly at night!) Shameless plug ahead...I have been using Redbubble for a few years to sell my graphic design and photography to the masses. Okay, "masses" my be stretching it a bit.... Continue Reading →

Words for Your Soul + Image

Today, it's just words and a snail. Snails are one of the slowest creatures on earth. They may move slowly, but they move at a steady pace. A snail can carry more than 10 times its own weight. What can you learn from a snail? No matter how slow you are moving toward your goal...keep... Continue Reading →

Everyday Joy | Echo Lake, CO

In 2013, my One Little Word was Joy. And part of that joy was doing things brings me, well, joy. Besides to attend art school, I moved to Colorado for the mountains. If I could, I would move to the mountains. I love the snow, the wildlife, the pine trees, all of it. It's my... Continue Reading →

You Are Not Alone

I took this photo last fall on a trip to Guanella Pass, Colorado. At the summit, it is quiet. As in total silent. Just the wind and my breath. Peaceful and fresh. Smells of snow. Standing on top of the world I realized two things: It's freakin' cold, and I am not alone. I am... Continue Reading →

Ways to Say I Love You

I Love You.   The three sweetest words in the English language. My daughters and I have a little nightly tradition. At night I say to Alexandra, "I love you all the way to the moon and back." She says, "I love you all the way to the moon and back 400 times." Then, I... Continue Reading →

A Mother’s Day Challenge…

Mother's Day is a wonderful thing. Although I never get what I ask day of the girls not fighting; it's still pretty sweet. I am blessed. The day I became a mother (for the fist and second time), I was fortunate to have excellent health care, during my pregnancy, and then at childbirth. Oh,... Continue Reading →

Be kind…

Yesterday in church we prayed over members of our congregation. Members volunteered to step up on the stage and put it all out there confessing their worries, struggles, or illnesses. One by one they asked for prayers for their broken marriage, brain tumor, mental illness, surgery, family loss, single-mommy-ness, depression. These are people, just like... Continue Reading →

When something bad happens…

For Shelby. We  love you girl! No matter what. ********* Purchase print and cards of this design at Redbubble. Linking up at Simple as That.

First day of a new story

Today is the first day as a stay-at-home mom. I have an extremely long to-do list. Last week I couldn't wait to attack the list. I had the whole week planned out down to the day and time I will do what item on the list. Well, it's Monday. I am tired; and I am... Continue Reading →

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