tell it like it is

"Other people are responsible for how they treat you, you are responsible for putting up with it, or stopping it." -Mel If you are in need of some serious tough love, then go here. Mel will tell it like it is. Love her.

great faith quote

I read this quote in Whole Living Magazine. I almost bought the magazine just because of it... When I was a teenager I dreamed of going to Paris. (Yes, I know the picture is of Canada, not France.) I even had a poster of the Eiffel Tower hung on my wall next to my... Continue Reading →

quote of the day

  Words to live by. Because you don't know what that person is going through in her life that she won't let you back-out of your parking spot in a crowded school parking lot, even though you have your backup lights on and you're inching your way out of the parking spot, she just refuses... Continue Reading →

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