Words for thought

It's been a crazy, stress-filled week and a half. I am trying, really hard, to stay calm. Last week ended with finally finishing up a huge project at work that had my anxiety monster going crazy. I didn't get fired (yet) because, like I said, I am crazy. I mean, my anxiety monster  is crazy...I might... Continue Reading →

May in Photos plus a Recipe

May has been crazy. It's been a frantic race to the finish line to summer break. Every year I say this is the year I grow herbs in a pot. And then I kill it. The cilantro tasted great while it lasted. Sitting in rush hour traffic, with a rainbow in my rear view. It's... Continue Reading →

Summer is Officially O-V-E-R…Over

School started two weeks ago. That means summer is officially O-V-E-R...over. Bring on fall?! I thought I would dump a bunch of random photos here that have nothing to do with anything except...this was our life this summer. Reflecting on #Summer2015 And, finally, goodbye Summer 2015. It's time for schedules and homework and sport events... Continue Reading →

Everyday Lens of Life

It's been life moving way too fast around here. I just say, slow down already. Captured here is everyday lens of life. Which reminds me, I need to get some peanuts for my homemade squirrel feeder. Squirrels need love too.

Three Years Living With Dogs

It's been three years living with THESE dogs. Three years ago, hubby's best friend from high school passed away suddenly. Needless to say, it was a shock to us all. In his will, we inherited his dogs. We just lost our beloved Beagle of 14-years, and were ill-equipped in handling an 80-pound black lab, named... Continue Reading →

St. Malo Church in Photos

        *Photos taken from our trip to Estes Park, CO. If you like it, pin it, but please don't steal it. Copyright 2014, Jeri Stunkard.

Everyday Joy | Echo Lake, CO

In 2013, my One Little Word was Joy. And part of that joy was doing things brings me, well, joy. Besides to attend art school, I moved to Colorado for the mountains. If I could, I would move to the mountains. I love the snow, the wildlife, the pine trees, all of it. It's my... Continue Reading →

Everyday Lens

POSTED ON INSTAGRAM | rocco napping on the back of the couch / my home office and creative staff / can you say super bowl (go broncos) / back at the ice rink / morning coffee and the sunrise / crafting suncatchers (do you remember making those?) Oh, how times have changed | Today kids... Continue Reading →


I can't think of a clever post title, so whatever. Are you tired of seeing pictures of other people's kids in Halloween costumes yet? Too bad... THINGS I READ ONLINE THIS WEEK: 8 Reasons Clutter is Preventing Your Happiness. This Year, Do Thanksgiving Better Than Ever! The Purring Monkey and other totally wild and species... Continue Reading →

This Week in Photos

Hubby's brother is in town with his kids. The girls have only met these cousins once. We took a family day and went to Elitch's. They had so much fun at Elitch Gardens. It was so hot! Like I was melting-hot. We cooled off by riding Shipwreck Falls and Disaster Canyon water rides. The water... Continue Reading →

A Lesson in Carnivals

A tough lesson for my kids at the street carnival: Carnivals are rigged. No, seriously. There is a reason you only see one person walking around with a giant stuffed panda bear. The games are impossible to win. I could have bought a non-flammable stuffed animal at Target for the price Daddy just paid trying... Continue Reading →

7 Tips for Photographing Urban Wildlife

Whether you live in the city, or the suburbs, wildlife is plentiful—and you don't have to look further than your own backyard to find it. Your backyard is the perfect setting to hone your wildlife photography skills. Think big, and small, when photographing urban wildlife. Birds, squirrels, humming birds, butterflies, bugs and bees are all... Continue Reading →

Weekend happenings via Instagram

Loving my iPhone. It's a 4 but I love it. Really loving Instagram... Sweet Honey-crisp apples. They smell and taste so sweet. The house down the street had a garage sale. Didn't look like they sold much. So, at the end of the day they posted a sign that read "Help Yourself". My kids did.... Continue Reading →

A week in the life as a SAHM

And you thought I'd be sitting around watching home improvement shows all day. Not even close. (Okay, I watch a few.) I am knee-deep in scrapping the peeling paint on the house trim. I have 2 sides scrapped and primed (except the very high part that I need someone to hold the ladder for). Estimated... Continue Reading →

This is what happens to your stuff when you die.

We held an Estate Sale for our late friend this weekend. His house has sold, so we need to get the stuff out before the closing on the 14th. As the executor of his estate, Hubby and I cleaned and priced it all. How do you put value on another person's stuff? Was that his... Continue Reading →

Sunsets and frozen yogurt.

So, I haven't used my camera in a while. Just not in the mood I guess. On Thursday it was usually warm here in Denver. 70 degrees warm. I took my camera and the girls to the park just before sunset. Gorgeous! I slept for 12 hours this weekend. Don't judge. Obviously I needed the... Continue Reading →

Stanley Lake Photography

Today was a glorious Colorado fall day! I took the girls and a friend to Stanley Lake for an afternoon of exploring. The lake water level is down so we were able to walk on the soft sandy shore. Stanley Lake is a small little nature haven in the middle of the big city. Stanley... Continue Reading →

In the Moment Photography | Monday

Hubby bought me a new Sony DSLR camera for my birthday this weekend. I've been playing with the settings all weekend, even taking pictures my birthday dinner...

Weekend in photos

How do you know when your 4 year old uses too much shampoo in her bath water? Because the suds back up in the sewer drain in the laundry room... Alex out front of the Ice Centre Rink enjoying the beautiful Colorado weather before going inside for skate practice. Parker just loves throwing pennies into... Continue Reading →

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