Weekend Wandering: My Mountain Fix

There is something very spiritual and healing about being in the mountains. It's the quiet. The exploring God's creation. The smell of the air. "To enjoy nature, is to enjoy God, they are one in the same." -Unknown Last weekend I had the pleasure of spending the day exploring Mt. Evans with a friend and... Continue Reading →

Hello From My New Blog Home

Welcome to Have Faith Everyday, the new home of Got2HaveFaithBlog. If you are new here...welcome! If you clicked over from got2havefaithblog...thank you and welcome to my new blog home! * * * * * * * New Seasons Make Me Think of New Beginnings... Of all the seasons, autumn is my favorite. The falling of... Continue Reading →

Summer is Officially O-V-E-R…Over

School started two weeks ago. That means summer is officially O-V-E-R...over. Bring on fall?! I thought I would dump a bunch of random photos here that have nothing to do with anything except...this was our life this summer. Reflecting on #Summer2015 And, finally, goodbye Summer 2015. It's time for schedules and homework and sport events... Continue Reading →

Embrace Winter

When the weather outside is frightful...don't let the winter blues get you. Even when it is 18° degrees outside...we just need to embrace winter! Let us love winter, for it is the spring of genius." ~Pietro Aretino While I relish our warm months, winter forms our character and brings out our best. ~Tom Allen  ... Continue Reading →

Your Monday Morning Coffee Break | Life is Short, Live it

  Because Life is short... Rock your red lipstick. Do what you can, let go of the rest. Let go of regret. Avoid drama.   Tell your story. Even if you think nobody is listening. Your story matters. Have faith everyday. Be an encourager. Big or small. Walk your own path. Nowhere in the Bible... Continue Reading →

St. Malo Church in Photos

        *Photos taken from our trip to Estes Park, CO. If you like it, pin it, but please don't steal it. Copyright 2014, Jeri Stunkard.

175 Years of Photography | World Photo Day

It wasn't that long ago we waited days to get our pictures back from the lab just to see that our lighting was wrong or we inadvertently cut off someone's head in the shot. And there was no Photoshopping that! It seems like yesterday I begrudgingly traded in my film SLR camera for a fancy... Continue Reading →

Graphic Designer By Day

Something you may not know about me is that I am a graphic designer by day, a writer by night. (Seriously, I write mostly at night!) Shameless plug ahead...I have been using Redbubble for a few years to sell my graphic design and photography to the masses. Okay, "masses" my be stretching it a bit.... Continue Reading →

Alone in the City | Winter Photography

@ Stanley Lake, Colorado Living in a big city I feel like I am not really ever alone. Sure, I can be alone in my home, but when at the park, or on a walking trail, I always meet people there enjoying the same trail/park. And, it feels weird if I don't see people at... Continue Reading →

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