Alone in the City | Winter Photography

@ Stanley Lake, Colorado Living in a big city I feel like I am not really ever alone. Sure, I can be alone in my home, but when at the park, or on a walking trail, I always meet people there enjoying the same trail/park. And, it feels weird if I don't see people at... Continue Reading →

How to Make a Wreath Squirrel Feeder for $3

My backyard is turning into an urban zoo. I bought a house for the woodpecker who was pecking on the side of our house. I keep my bird feeder stocked at all times (for birds, and squirrels). I keep sugar water in my hummingbird feeder. So, you know it was only a matter of time... Continue Reading →

Why I live here: First snow of the season

Thursday | October 25  I woke up this morning with a sinus headache. A cold front moved into Colorado and the pressure is messing with my head. Oh, there is snow on the ground. Maybe three inches. I wasn't in the mood to do anything--including the housework that I had planned. As I took the... Continue Reading →

Photography Assignment: 50mm

I have been busy reading books that will advance my photography. It is a passion that has followed me throughout my life, but admittedly, I have become lazy in my technique. So, advancing my technique is my goal. I would love to make money in photography somehow, particularly in macro. Can I make money taking... Continue Reading →

Stanley Lake Photography

Today was a glorious Colorado fall day! I took the girls and a friend to Stanley Lake for an afternoon of exploring. The lake water level is down so we were able to walk on the soft sandy shore. Stanley Lake is a small little nature haven in the middle of the big city. Stanley... Continue Reading →

eye candy

I haven't posted pictures in awhile. (Drum roll) From my lens: It's a good thing we don't have to live off what I grow because this is the only ripe tomato I have gotten this year!

walk with nature

Alex went on her first camping trip last weekend. Although it ended early because the adults on the trip got a case of food poisoning she has a blast. She is also planning a family camping trip next summer. Which is too bad for me since my idea of roughing it is staying at a... Continue Reading →

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