My 15 Minutes of Fame.

I will never be famous. I never want to be. I wouldn't want to live like Jennifer Aniston; consistently being hounded, stalked, living with no privacy, where a picture of me would be worth a million dollars. But I did come close. Okay, not really close, but my name and photo was printed in the... Continue Reading →

Pray for Joplin

If you haven't seen the photos of Joplin, Missouri yet...well, the destruction is hard to describe. I pray for everyone who is still missing, like my customer's cousin, Mary Beth. I pray for those who lost their life today and for those who came close. I pray for those who survived, but lost everything they... Continue Reading →

country memories

A few years ago we took Alex back to my hometown...Gravois Mills, MO. Smack-dab in the middle of Ozark country. Lake of the Ozarks to be exact. I had lived in the "big city" almost as long as I lived in the country but the city is really where I felt I always belonged. And... Continue Reading →

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