Older and Wiser?

Nineteen years. That's how long my hubby and I have been married. I had a starry-eyed view of what my marriage would be at 25 years old. Being that 19 years is a long time, I am definitely older, but am I  wiser than when I said, "I do."? Grandma: You know, when I was... Continue Reading →

We’ve been married how long?

Hubby: We got married in '93? Me: No. Hubby: '94? Me: No. I am really getting a kick out of this. It was '95. Hubby: Really? Me: Yes, really. We were married on Maui. I remember it was a Thursday. Who gets married on a Thursday? Anyway, we both have always had trouble remembering if... Continue Reading →

Most popular.

I've been blogging for over 4 years now. That's 484 blog posts on this blog. I have blogged about everything that has been happening in the life of my family. From vacations, to raising our children, food I've made, my photography and design, documenting our crazy life, life and death, hopes, dreams, faith...you name it!... Continue Reading →

marriage is…

Marriage is...grocery shopping together to save a buck Marriage is...vacuuming the carpet Marriage is...emptying the dishwasher, then refilling it Marriage is...taking turns cooking dinner Marriage is...putting the kids to bed, tag-team style Marriage is...balancing the checkbook and paying bills Marriage is...respecting each others requests Marriage is...when the dryer dies and the mini van needs brakes... Continue Reading →

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