Orchids at Botanic Gardens

These photos of Orchids were taken at Denver Botanic Gardens. I went to the Gardens on Tuesday to check out their orchid showcase and to get a little shooting in. Once hubby and my friend have their surgeries next week I will be sticking close to home and probably won't get out much. Winter is... Continue Reading →

Timing is everything.

"Anyone who’s ever missed their shot by a fraction of second understands why timing is so crucial in photography. Today, the Colorado Department of Transportation closed the Mount Evans road, Highway 5, and will not reopen it until spring." That was the email I received on Thursday. I was scheduled to be on Mt. Goliath... Continue Reading →

Life happens…

This is what our backyard has looked like since the contractor finished building the garage addition. Not pretty. This week, Hector and the guys came by to pour the concrete patio. Yay! Finally the dogs will (hopefully) stop tracking mud into the house, and on the carpet. This is the finished patio. We still need... Continue Reading →

Vail, Colorado

We're back from the Vail Invitational. Alex competed in two skate events, compulsory and free skate. The whole experience left me with a somewhat sour taste in my mouth. Not from how Alex preformed, because I couldn’t be more proud at how she handled herself, but from how so many skate-parents behaved. Let me start... Continue Reading →

Breathe in Nature.

#30 of 1,000 Gifts: Sweet little bee letting me take close-up pictures of him. Loving my new Sony DSLR. Still learning to use all the features. Practice, practice, practice. Don't be afraid of getting close to bees. They won't hurt you if you are not a threat. Just breathe slowly. Move slowly.

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