My Big Fat Lesson in Internet Safety

I have been living with a teenager for a week now and it has been an education. As in, a big fat lesson in internet safety. Some of you may have been there, done that, but for me, it's my first time to this rodeo. And this rodeo just kicked me in my butt! We live... Continue Reading →

Unleash Evil Mommy

This weekends the girls had a screaming match over a sheet. The youngest was using a sheet to make a tent. The oldest HAD to use that one and only sheet to make her bed. Screaming. Door slamming. More screaming. "I hate you!" flew out of their mouths. Because of a sheet. To be clear,... Continue Reading →

Panning for gold.

My sister left her 3 kids with me for 5 days (13, 13 and 12-years-old). Her 3 kids, plus my 2 kids, equals 5 kids for FIVE-WHOLE-DAYS. The fact that it was my idea to keep her 3 kids for 5 days is beside the point. I am going to look at it as a... Continue Reading →

Today I…

Today I... lost count as to how many times I turned off a light that was not in use: 10, 12, 20? actually told someone to turn their light off in their bedroom or bathroom: 5 times picked up towels on the bathroom floor: 4 times yelled at the girls to close the door, the air... Continue Reading →

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