Where does she get this stuff anyway?

Tuesday night at the dinner table the conversation goes something like this: Four-year-old Parker doesn't want to eat the dinner that is on her plate. She wants something else. Big Mean Mommy (that's me) says, "No. Eat what is on your plate or you will get nothing later." "You ruined my life!" Little Parker screams... Continue Reading →

Weekend in photos

How do you know when your 4 year old uses too much shampoo in her bath water? Because the suds back up in the sewer drain in the laundry room... Alex out front of the Ice Centre Rink enjoying the beautiful Colorado weather before going inside for skate practice. Parker just loves throwing pennies into... Continue Reading →

how to sneak halloween candy away from your little goblin.

We all do it. (You know you do too.) We all dig through our kids Halloween candy stash for that covenanted chocolate bar or sour candy. Sneaking hard-earned Halloween candy from your little kiddos takes stealth-ninja-like prescision. You can't just go taking whatever prized candy you like right in front of their eyes. Unless you... Continue Reading →

my favorite child

To my oldest daughter, You are my favorite. You introduced me to the world of motherhood. Together we navigated potty training and riding a bike. I love that I was the one who primarily taught you to ride your bike without training wheels...3 days of running behind you in the street, it was so worth... Continue Reading →

love and logic…keeping the peace

Last night was "back to school night" where Alex got to meet her 3rd grade teacher and get the low-down on the class rules. Parents got to hear the "rules and codes of conduct" of the school again, which is a good thing because I think there were parents who weren't listening last year! Repeat,... Continue Reading →

thanks for being a…parent. what?

I took 4 kids, ages 8 to 3 (3 girls, 1 boy), bowling today. All by myself. The question, "Are you crazy?" went through my mind. More than once. But I did it anyway. And I survived. The kids survived. Brunswick Bowling Alley survived. But here's the crazy thing: I got thanked for doing what every... Continue Reading →

this morning we…

Slept in until 8:30 am. Took Bailey for a walk in the park. Kids complained the whole entire time. Not relaxing nor enjoyable. Next time they can stay home with Daddy. Made a healthy breakfast. Cleaned Alex's bedroom. Thoroughly. She actually was helpful. Shocking. That didn't last long. Attitude from a 7 year old. Tonight...date night with... Continue Reading →

motherhood…it’s tough

I had a conversation with my girlfriend that got me thinking about my mother friends. Why does it seems that the "media" today tend to criticize us mothers for the job we do? To often mothers are told what we are doing wrong rather than what we are doing right; there are several reality shows built on... Continue Reading →

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