Where did I go wrong (or They will go their own way, part 2)

When our kids mess up, as mothers it's easy to turn the blame on ourselves. Isn't it? We ask, "Where did I go wrong?" What did I do wrong as a parent? Didn't I teach them right from wrong? What could I have done differently? It's interesting to me that when a teen gets in... Continue Reading →

11 Ways to Combat Text Bullying

You remember the days of prank phone calls. Chances are you made this one: "Hello." "Is your refrigerator running?" "Yes..." "Then you better go catch it!" Hang up. Laugh hysterically. Admit it. You did it as a teenager. It was annoying to the person on the other end of the line but innocent. Oh, how... Continue Reading →

Mother vs Mother

It happens before the moment we hold our baby for the first time. Women everywhere are taking sides in the mother vs mother debate. Natural child-birth mother vs pass-me-the-epidural mother. Even before the sleep derivation makes us so crazy, men run and hide, women choose a side in the parenting-child-rearing war. Breast feeding vs formula... Continue Reading →

Generation Gap

Husband and I were talking with our girls about jobs we have had in our lives. I told my 7-year-old I worked for my hometown newspaper when I was 18-years-old. She asked, "What's a newspaper?" After my bewilderment wore off, I explained a newspaper by using an example I thought she might have seen on... Continue Reading →

Something Personal | Life Here

I am doing things a little different today. I am taking a break from my regularly scheduled faith reading for something a little more personal, and self-indulgent...my kids. And, because my mom wants to see some pictures. (I know you do, mom.) So, here's a little update on life around here... Parker Faith is loving... Continue Reading →

Note to My Daughter: Please Don’t Run Away.

This sign was taped to my 7-year-olds bedroom door. She had been fighting with her big sister...again. I don't remember what they were fighting about, but she lost her temper. Screaming. Stomping. Slamming of the door. She was sitting in time-out to calm down. She scribbled this note, then slapped it on the door. My... Continue Reading →

Instant fireplace for the holidays

It's a little tradition with the kids. Since we don't have an actual fireplace, we create a paper fireplace and decorate it. Usually we draw the complete scene out on butcher block paper, but this year we got a little more creative. We used twelve 12x12 sheets of brick printed scrapbooking paper found at Hobby... Continue Reading →

Not another sport…

Alex had a figure skating competition last weekend. She placed 4th. Not bad. She doesn't want to compete any more this year. Even though one of her goals was to compete at Regionals in October. Because she is obsessed with gymnastics. Not another sport... She took a gymnastics day camp this summer and loved it.... Continue Reading →

By the second day of school they forget about you…

It's the second day of school... Parker, who is in Kindergarten, declares she doesn't need me to walk her into school anymore. Anymore? I only walked you into school one day, kid! Instead of "Hello Kitty" her shirt should say "Hello Trouble". Good luck Mrs. Kindergarten Teacher! Alex is very excited for 5th grade. It... Continue Reading →

Just this week…

...I had to console Alex, my 10-year-old, when she got her first bad hair cut. I don't know what the "stylist" at Fantastic Sam's was thinking. It's just B-A-D! ...I had to say, "Stop licking your armpit!" at the dinner table. Never thought I would say that, ever! And, hubby was one of them. Eeewww...... Continue Reading →

At least they’re not fighting…

Give my kids a hose, a closed storm door, let them "spray" each other, and I have at least 20 minutes of non-fighting-quite-time...if I am lucky! And, the storm door protects my camera. I've been reading Tom Ang's Digital Photography Masterclass. It's has been very helpful. I really like the "assignments" after each chapter so... Continue Reading →

Secret Summer Hideaway

In our backyard, behind the Tuff Shed, is a small area that doesn't get used. There is a willowy Aspen tree and some runaway ribbon grass, but not much else. It's a perfect place for a secret hideaway! **BEFORE** **AFTER** Using some shear curtains, clothespins, twine, an old blanket, and old throw pillows we made... Continue Reading →


I watch my girls. I watch how different they are from one another. Alexandra: the perfectionist. Parker Faith: the free spirit. I watch what they say to one another. Sometimes saying such hurtful things it makes my heart ache. I watch how Alex is growing into a beautiful young lady. A lady that is learning... Continue Reading →

Watercolors with kids

Today was a watercolor kind of day. Don't you just love a brand new set of paints? It's been a long time since I have painted...obviously. The butterfly is heavy handed but, like I tell the kids, art isn't about being perfect, it's about creating something. I always go light on my critique of my... Continue Reading →

Whatever happened to good ‘ol fashioned book reports?

WARNING: I just need to vent. I just want to know when it happened that 4th graders are expected to do so much homework (a.k.a. busy work)? My 4th grade is reading the novel Robin Hood and His Merry Men. She brought home a packet of fill-in-the-blank worksheets and crossword puzzles. After an hour and... Continue Reading →

December Daily | Day 20

Alex started her big day out by vomiting up her dinner from the night before. It's a big day because she has her holiday skate exhibition at the rink; this is not the way to start the day! Good news is she wasn't running a fever. I went to work and then left early to... Continue Reading →

December Daily | 10 & 11

Day 10: Alex had skate practice in the morning. It was a tough one since Alex had her outdoor exhibition the night before in Longmont. I could not get motivated at all the rest of the afternoon. Watched a bad Christmas movie on TV, did some laundry, then we went to a cookie decorating party... Continue Reading →

Today I…

Today I... lost count as to how many times I turned off a light that was not in use: 10, 12, 20? actually told someone to turn their light off in their bedroom or bathroom: 5 times picked up towels on the bathroom floor: 4 times yelled at the girls to close the door, the air... Continue Reading →

My 4-year-old, the thief?

Yesterday was the first day of Pre-school for Parker. And it was the first day she became a thief! My sweet, precious daughter smuggled a small teddy bear out of the school under her sundress...in her underwear! So this reminds me of a story my mother fondly told of her childhood... Mom's twin sister, Bonnie,... Continue Reading →

Out of the mouth of babes.

My 9-year-old daughter was talking to her friend today. Her friend said she thinks she is going to become a vegetarian. My daughter:  "You know vegetarians only eat vegetables?" Her friend: "Wait. Can vegetarians eat meatballs?"

Summer Bucket List…check one off the list.

Here's a great little inspiration to keep the kids busy this summer...Badges of Fun from Disney's Family Fun. There you can print out a badge chart, then just go outside and complete one of the suggested activities or adventures to earn a badge. This month we chose rock painting. Using outdoor acrylic paint, we spruced... Continue Reading →

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