One Word Christmas: Light

I usually pick one word for the New Year, but lately I have been feeling I need a word for the Christmas season too. Basically, it is because of that over-whelming feeling I get every season. You know that feeling. The one that we feel we have to do it all this year. We have... Continue Reading →

Jesus, meet us in the mess

Life is messy. And if you have kids, it’s really messy. If we are honest, my friend, we are all a hot mess. In today’s world it’s not easy to admit that we don't have it all together. It's hard not to envy the glossy styled homes pictured in magazines; or the Pinterest food too pretty to eat; or... Continue Reading →

Sunday Word | Ephesians 2:1-13

A few years ago I bought a new Bible. It was a One Year Bible. The intent was to read the entire book from beginning to end in one year. Well, as you know, the Bible not a light read. So, I am still working my way through it. This summer I am participating in... Continue Reading →

Just 4 Good Things for Easter (Just for Fun)

One | Giant Chocolate Egg Source: LiveScience. "The world's largest chocolate Easter egg weighed a grand total of 14,197 pounds and 12 ounces." Um, yes, please! * * * * * Two | Why the Crucifixion Matters Good Morning Girls' wrote Why The Crucifixion Matters Here. Read it people. Don't just go through the motions... Continue Reading →

Happy Monday

Okay, so someone ripped the wall hooks off Parker's bedroom wall...her newly painted wall...damaged the wall! Parker wouldn't fess up. She blamed it on Alex (who wasn't even home at the time). So we sat down at the table for lunch and talked. I asked her, "What would Jesus say if I asked Him who... Continue Reading →

get rich in Him.

Have you ever read a passage of scripture in the Bible and  interpreted it a certain way? All this time you thought you were correct in your understanding on that scripture but it turns out maybe you didn't see it as clearly as you thought? I can say I thought I understood the story in... Continue Reading →

lesson from a 3 year old

Last night my 3 year old daughter, Parker asked me to read her a book before bed. She picked out the book: "The First Easter". (It's a simplified version of Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection for kids.) As I started to read she listened intently. Then I got the part where Jesus was nailed to the cross. Parker had a very worried... Continue Reading →

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