175 Years of Photography | World Photo Day

It wasn't that long ago we waited days to get our pictures back from the lab just to see that our lighting was wrong or we inadvertently cut off someone's head in the shot. And there was no Photoshopping that! It seems like yesterday I begrudgingly traded in my film SLR camera for a fancy... Continue Reading →

How do you use Instagram?

I take pictures with my phone or iPad and post them to Instagram, but I am not sure why...Yikes. Don't hate me. Don't get me wrong. I like technology. I argue with hubby that Instagraming/twittering/blogging/texting will help keep me in touch with young technology. In other words, it will keep me from turning into an... Continue Reading →

Weekend happenings via Instagram

Loving my iPhone. It's a 4 but I love it. Really loving Instagram... Sweet Honey-crisp apples. They smell and taste so sweet. The house down the street had a garage sale. Didn't look like they sold much. So, at the end of the day they posted a sign that read "Help Yourself". My kids did.... Continue Reading →

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