Project Life | Week 3

Alex has decided as of mid-March she will hang up her competitive skates. She doesn't want to compete or test anymore. She has been skating since she was 4-years-old. For 7 years she has eat/breathed/slept ice skating. She'll still skate...but just for fun. She is ready to move on to gymnastics. Ready to explore her... Continue Reading →

Learning her Axel

She is learning her Axel. The Axel jump is considered to be one of the most difficult jumps in figure skating because of the required strength and the need to rotate quickly. First there is off-ice strength training, then she practices with the safety harness on ice. Once she she masters both of these she... Continue Reading →

Assignment: Faceless Portrait

This week's assignment from Digital Photography School was Faceless Portrait. You'd be surprise at how hard it actually is to not take a picture of someone's face for a "portrait". A figure skater's skates are an extension of themselves. Without "their skates" they cannot skate. It would be like asking them to walk in feet... Continue Reading →

Vail, Colorado

We're back from the Vail Invitational. Alex competed in two skate events, compulsory and free skate. The whole experience left me with a somewhat sour taste in my mouth. Not from how Alex preformed, because I couldn’t be more proud at how she handled herself, but from how so many skate-parents behaved. Let me start... Continue Reading →

Sports photography

I love macro and nature photography. Hubby says that is because it doesn't involve people. He could be right... This weekend Alex performed in the Skate Club's ice show. I took my camera to hone my skills a little. And I had a friend who is a pro to get pointers from. Always valuable. Thanks... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the world of competitive figure skating

Alex had her first solo figure skating competition this weekend. She competed last season on a synchronized skating team but this is a completely different league. The new competition skate dress. I spent hours gluing the jewels on this dress. I thought it was pretty good, but seeing on the ice, I think there isn't... Continue Reading →

A quick photoshoot

I had to take pictures last week of our Skate Club's Synchro Masters Team exhibition. The team is competing at Nationals. The photos are for the newsletter I design as part of my mandatory volunteer hours for the skate club. Alex is a member, but I have to do all the volunteer hours...It's not all... Continue Reading →

24th Day of January

I enter my friend's name in my Bible today. She died last night. Her body could not recover from the stroke she suffered last week. I read once that when someone leaves your life it just means that their chapter in your book has ended.  I think I am in the anger stage of grief... Continue Reading →

December Daily | Day 9

What a busy day! I took the day off to do a little Christmas shopping with hubby. We went to the mall. We even had lunch together. It was so nice to be at the mall and not have to worry about where the kids are, or not to get half way across the mall... Continue Reading →

Today at the Rink…

Today was Alex's first day at the rink with her new coach. To say she was nervous would be an understatement. I think it was the intimidation factor. She has never skated on a Freestyle ice session or had a skating coach (other than the synchro team coach). They are getting used to each other;... Continue Reading →

In the Moment Photography | Reach for Your Dreams…

This is my daughter. She is 9 years-old. She is awesome. Not because she can do this. But because she is just A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

Good sportswoman-like conduct.

6 girls. 12 blades. 1 heart. Last night was Alex's first competition with her Synchronized Skate Team. She was very excited, never nervous. I don't know who she gets that from! The team skated to a Toy Story medley and they were dressed kind of like Jessie, the cowgirl. Anyway. Hubby was very nervous. He... Continue Reading →

december daily | day twenty-three

Today I took my little ice skater to the rink. She met up with her friend and they had fun sliding on the ice. Check out her new skate pants. She "had" to have them...all the ice skaters are wearing them. All this girl wants for Christmas is a Zuca bag (a.k.a. one expensive bag... Continue Reading →

skate mom

Warning: Shameless bragging ahead. I guess I am officially a "skate mom". Alex had her first exhibition at the opening of an outdoor ice rink last night in Boulder, CO. She is skating with a pre-lim. synchronized skate team of 7 girls ranging in age of 8 to 11 years old. They skated to a... Continue Reading →


First attempt at ice skating for Parker. She didn't like it much. She said, "It's slippery." I held her up the 1 time around the rink. Then she was finished. "It's cold." But she sure looks cute in her skates! Maybe next year. First small jumps. Alex trying a new little jump on the ice. Basic... Continue Reading →

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