What not to say to someone with anxiety or depression

We know you all mean well. We know you want to help your loved one, co-worker, or friend who is has a mental disorder such as anxiety or depression, but these words above...they are not only hurtful, they are detrimental to the wellness of the person suffering from these illnesses.

Guarding Your Heart Against Social Media

To grow my blog, I must network using social media. Or, so I am told.  But, is using social media bad for your health? Are you guarding your heart against social media? I've had a Twitter account for a few years, but really didn't use this social media as it is intended. I am a natural... Continue Reading →

Early Warning Signs of a Stroke EVERY WOMAN Should Know.

I am reeling. My life has once again been turned upside down. Earlier this week my friend suffered a massive stroke. She is my boss' wife, my co-worker, more importantly, my friend. We share an office. We share girl-talk. I spend more time with her on a weekday than I do my own husband. And... Continue Reading →

That crazy thing called Hormones.

{TMI Alert} After being diagnosed in December of 2010 with hormonal issues and menstrual irregularities that were causing me not to ovulate every month, the doctor prescribed birth control pills. After only a month and a half the pills I thought I was going crazy. And not PMS-kind-of-crazy but let's-drive-off-a-bridge-crazy. Scary stuff. Fortunately, years of... Continue Reading →

forget resolutions…instead focus on ONE LITTLE WORD

I am not a fan of New Year's resolutions. All too often we make a resolution of kicking our caffeine habit...losing weight...eating less junk food...or whatever. We do alright at first. Maybe even last a few months but by March we fall back into our old habits again. I like the idea instead of picking... Continue Reading →

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