Weekend Lens | August

Saturday was our annual back to school clothes shopping night with friends. My friend and I treat our girls (4 total) to dinner then shop til we drop...or are broke, whichever comes first. Dinner at Larkburger, then Kohl's, Walmart and JcPenney.  The best deals of the night? JcPenney clearance rack. Friday night the girls camped... Continue Reading →

Autumn Weekend…

I love autumn. I love the falling leaves, the crunch under foot, the colors & smell. I hate the fall allergies we all seem to get. Saturday morning Parker woke up feeling sick with allergies again. She had stayed home from school on Thursday because she felt so miserable. So, I gave her some meds... Continue Reading →

The weekend is always better with cake!

It's a long 4-day weekend for the girls with no school on Friday and Monday. And it started with a bang! Alex had major girl drama with her BFF. They are only 10 & 11; how much drama could there be? Hurtful words were exchanged, feelings were hurt, cell phones were taken. Then, at parent-teacher... Continue Reading →

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