Top Pet Costumes for Halloween are…

The top pet costumes for Halloween is...drum roll... Pumpkin Devil Hot dog Bee Cat Witch Bow tie Pirate Dog Ghost Source: The Denver post Have a safe and happy Halloween!

20 Carved Pumpkins…

Some people act surprised when they find out I don't like to carve pumpkins for Halloween. It surprises me that they think I enjoy it. Maybe it's because I was scarred for life by a 4th grade teacher who made his students close our eyes while sticking our hand in a pumpkin full of slimy... Continue Reading →

Candy Hangover.

Halloween is over...Bring on the Holidays! Alex's costume is actually a remade Egyptian costume. We ripped the top layer of fabric with a razor blade, then used watercolor paint to "dirty it up". I covered the Egyptian waste band with the goth embellishments. The weather was perfect in Colorado...two years in a row!

Halloween fun in photos

Yes, we live in Colorado, but that hasn't stopped Parker from asking for surfing lessons! I made the surfboard from foamcore and she decorated with stickers.

In honor of Halloween…a ghost story.

One of America's most haunted homes...The Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana. Have you heard this ghost story? The master of The Myrtles, Judge Clarke Woodruff, was having an affair with a slave named Chloe. To make his extra curricular activities more convenient, he moved Chloe up to the house to care for his children. Chloe planned to... Continue Reading →

A Halloween Birthday Party

My little Park E. Bear is turning 5 years old this week. Hard to believe...isn't it always? She is such a funny little character. She is a sponge which means she absorbs every little "bad" word I say, then repeats it. She is a kissy bear too; always giving me kisses. This year Parker proclaimed... Continue Reading →

don’t you just love halloween

Here's some shameless pictures of my beautiful kids: The weather was perfect this year. A light jacket was all we needed for trick-or-treating. After years of trick-or-treating in the snow we had to make the most of this glorious Colorado weather...because you know next year we won't get so lucky! After I showed Alex pictures... Continue Reading →

how to sneak halloween candy away from your little goblin.

We all do it. (You know you do too.) We all dig through our kids Halloween candy stash for that covenanted chocolate bar or sour candy. Sneaking hard-earned Halloween candy from your little kiddos takes stealth-ninja-like prescision. You can't just go taking whatever prized candy you like right in front of their eyes. Unless you... Continue Reading →

candy hang-over

Halloween is over. I am over the candy. Can I dump it all in the trash without the girls taking notice? Probably not. Even though we had 23 inches of snow this past Wednesday thru Thursday, in typical Colorado style, the snow was pretty much melted by Halloween night. The air was crisp and a little... Continue Reading →

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