Halloween fun in photos

Yes, we live in Colorado, but that hasn't stopped Parker from asking for surfing lessons! I made the surfboard from foamcore and she decorated with stickers.

don’t you just love halloween

Here's some shameless pictures of my beautiful kids: The weather was perfect this year. A light jacket was all we needed for trick-or-treating. After years of trick-or-treating in the snow we had to make the most of this glorious Colorado weather...because you know next year we won't get so lucky! After I showed Alex pictures... Continue Reading →

candy hang-over

Halloween is over. I am over the candy. Can I dump it allĀ in the trash without the girls taking notice? Probably not. Even though we had 23 inches of snow this past Wednesday thru Thursday, in typical Colorado style, the snow was pretty much melted by Halloween night. The air was crisp and a little... Continue Reading →

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