It’s Release Day: Let Us Give Thanks Devotional

I feel like I just gave birth! This devotional has been started and put on the back burner for a year but it's finally time to release into the world. Fly, little book, fly! Did you know that scientific research shows that giving thanks for just 3 things a day makes you 25% happier? And that’s not... Continue Reading →

Scripture Cards to Grow Your Faith

I have an exciting new project to share with you: a pocket full of gratitude scripture cards. This beautifully designed 52 scripture card deck comes with a clear carrying case. How to use these cards: • Tuck in your Bible as a bookmark. • Leave a card on the table for your server after a... Continue Reading →

Gratitude on bad days

Yesterday was a very long hard day. Actually the last 3 weeks have been pretty hard. But yesterday? It was a crazy shit-show. That's a little term we say in the printing world when things go very wrong, and you may or may not be the cause of it. There are three things I hate: Letting people... Continue Reading →

Gratitude on Display

One thing we do in November is put our gratitude on display. Practicing gratitude trains us to be in the moment, to slow down when life gets crazy, look around and realize life is pretty awesome. It won't take away our troubles but, the deliberate act of practicing gratitude at the end of the day... Continue Reading →

Counting your blessings

Sometimes it's easier to focus on the negative. This world is sort of built for the negative. It's not what you have, but what you should have. That kind of mentality is all around us. Sometimes it's easier to dwell on the ones who have wronged us rather than the ones who bring joy into... Continue Reading →

Gratitude and Prayer

My One Little Word (OLW) for 2016 is gratitude. And yet, here it is almost August, and I have written about gratitude...maybe three times? I haven't counted, but it's been a long time. In the gratitude journal that sits on my bedside table, I've long stopped writing a gratitude list everyday. It's turned into more... Continue Reading →

#Gratitude: One Word

Today is Super Bowl Sunday. We're pretty excited here in Denver. My 14-year-old has developed an interest in football this season. So much so that she said she didn't care what we did for the big game as long as she gets to watch it! So, she planned the menu, we ordered special Super Bowl... Continue Reading →

Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World – The Book

My one word for 2016 is GRATITUDE. It's no surprise that I signed up to receive a pre-release of Kristen Welch's book, "Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World". I want my kids to be a lot of things. I want them to be happy, caring, healthy, successful, and basically not be jerks. But gratitude... Continue Reading →

One Word: Gratitude

Do you make New Years resolutions? Not me. I always have good intentions to get in shape. Then, by February I am sitting on the couch eating guacamole and chips, watching The Biggest Loser. Instead of a resolution I choose One Word. One word helps keep me focused for 365 days. There is only one... Continue Reading →

4 ways to get everything you ever wanted

The Halloween decorations have been stored away. I am finding empty candy wrappers on the floor...evidence of trick-or-treating overboard.  And we know what season follows Halloween? Not Christmas, like advertisers would like us to believe. It's the season of gratitude...November. 4 Ways to Get Everything You Ever Wanted:  Want Less. The grass is greener...resist the... Continue Reading →

30 Things | The List

November is over...rushing in comes December! I found sticking to a list of things to seek out and show gratitude was a little more challenging than in past years. How about you? One thing worth it's weight in gold: Neighbors taking pity on us for Thanksgiving dinner after Glenn's surgery. One thing lost, then found:... Continue Reading →

30 Things: Grace

Thanksgiving is on Thursday (like you don't know that). All across America we will be sitting down around a dinner table with family and friends. We be sharing in food and fellowship. We will be sharing what we are grateful for. And, we will be saying grace before we dig into good food. I came... Continue Reading →

30 Things: Art | Chihuly Exhibit

The following photos were taken at the Denver Botanic Garden's Chihuly exhibit, showing through November 30th. It's the little things to give thanks in. Thirty Things: 30 Days of Gratitude | If you missed the FREE gratitude checklist and quote, you can download it here.

30 Things…Joy in Enough

All month we have practiced intentional gratitude, and then this happens... The text came to me while I was at the office. She was frantic. Her most wanted thing of the season was on sale only! My tween insisted it was "an emergency." Yep, she actually thought buying an item on sale was an... Continue Reading →

Just Gratitude

If you missed the FREE gratitude checklist and quote, you can download it here. It's not too late to play along! * * * * *   Be a Small Seed | Operation Christmas Child at Samaritan's Purse is November 17-24! The mission of OCC is " demonstrate God’s love in a tangible way to... Continue Reading →

30 Things: Gratitude for My Body

  I see the magazines working that Photoshop We know that sh** ain't real Come on now, make it stop If you got beauty beauty just raise 'em up 'Cause every inch of you is perfect From the bottom to the top" ~Meghan Trainer, "All About That Bass" Only human beings would take something beautiful... Continue Reading →

Just Gratitude

Thirty Things: 30 Days of Gratitude | If you missed the FREE gratitude checklist and quote, you can download it here. It's not too late to play along!

Practicing Intentional Gratitude is Important

November... It's the calm before the rushed craziness of December. It's a time for family and friends. It's a time to openly give thanks for all we have...even if we have financial problems, health issues, are struggling emotionally, whatever, there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for. Human beings are funny. We tend to think... Continue Reading →

Want to Live Happier? Practice Gratitude

  Dinners al-fresco on the back patio. Long walks after dinner. Flipping burgers on the grill in the pouring rain. Acupuncture treatment by a friend. My little sister’s encouraging words. Woohoo’s from Parker at gymnastics. Great books that make you think. These are just a few of the things on my 1000 Gifts list. Typically... Continue Reading →

Giving Thanks Intentionally

About four years ago we started a November tradition of giving thanks intentionally. To make it more fun for the girls, I try to come up with a different way to display our thankful list. The first year we made a turkey "stuffed" with blessings. Year two was a thankful tree. Year three was a... Continue Reading →

daily gratitude | 1.03.11

Spaghetti Tacos night. This comes from one of my girls' favorite TV show: iCarly on Nick. They eat this all the time on the show. And I couldn't get my girls to eat spaghetti. They complained, "Spaghetti aggggaaaain?"  So I thought why not make it fun with spaghetti tacos. It worked! The girls love spaghetti... Continue Reading →

daily gratitude

Christmas music. I usually restrain myself and wait to start listening to Christmas music the week of Thanksgiving, at least. Trans Siberian Orchestra is a favorite. I put in a CD last night while sitting in traffic...instant mood-booster. Ice skating with my daughter. I am officially a "skate mom". Alex is now a member of... Continue Reading →

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