#Gratitude: One Word

Today is Super Bowl Sunday. We're pretty excited here in Denver. My 14-year-old has developed an interest in football this season. So much so that she said she didn't care what we did for the big game as long as she gets to watch it! So, she planned the menu, we ordered special Super Bowl... Continue Reading →

4 ways to get everything you ever wanted

The Halloween decorations have been stored away. I am finding empty candy wrappers on the floor...evidence of trick-or-treating overboard.  And we know what season follows Halloween? Not Christmas, like advertisers would like us to believe. It's the season of gratitude...November. 4 Ways to Get Everything You Ever Wanted:  Want Less. The grass is greener...resist the... Continue Reading →

30 Things | 30 Days of Gratitude: Friendship Lost

30 THINGS: ONE THING ORANGE. THE ORANGE SCARF | Okay, this scarf is more coral than orange..sometimes it looks a little pink, like here, but definitely it is in the orange family. I love this scarf because it is "my" color. I love it because of who gave it to me. Every time I wear... Continue Reading →

3 reasons i {heart} my husband

3 reasons I ♥ my husband right now. He says, "No, Honey. The meat is dried out because it was a bad cut of meat, not because you over-cooked it in the crock-pot." He refuses to go to a strip club because of his moral beliefs when he is invited to a bachelor party. He... Continue Reading →

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