Orchids at Botanic Gardens

These photos of Orchids were taken at Denver Botanic Gardens. I went to the Gardens on Tuesday to check out their orchid showcase and to get a little shooting in. Once hubby and my friend have their surgeries next week I will be sticking close to home and probably won't get out much. Winter is... Continue Reading →

Around the backyard

Around the backyard there are roses growing where they shouldn’t. Around the backyard there is dying grass where our two new dogs are peeing and destroying the grass. Around the backyard there is dog poop that needs to be picked up, especially in the sand pit. Around the backyard there is evidence that children live... Continue Reading →

Reminding Myself to Breathe.

Sometimes I will catch myself holding my breath. I will be thinking about something heavy or someone who is now gone. And I notice it. I am holding my breath. Then, I have to remind myself to breathe. Just Breathe...

eye candy

I haven't posted pictures in awhile. (Drum roll) From my lens: It's a good thing we don't have to live off what I grow because this is the only ripe tomato I have gotten this year!

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