It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Yep! It's the first day of school and it's wonderful to me. Don't judge. The girls were so excited that it was 10:30 before they finally got to sleep...and I was laying down with both of them! All the 6th graders had to go to school for a half day on Friday to get accustomed... Continue Reading →

By the second day of school they forget about you…

It's the second day of school... Parker, who is in Kindergarten, declares she doesn't need me to walk her into school anymore. Anymore? I only walked you into school one day, kid! Instead of "Hello Kitty" her shirt should say "Hello Trouble". Good luck Mrs. Kindergarten Teacher! Alex is very excited for 5th grade. It... Continue Reading →

another school year

Another school year has started. Alex is a big 3rd grader now and has really taken notice to fashion. Oh, I am so in trouble! Above is the layout I did for her first day of school. Parker started Pre-school too. She was excited but also sad that she would be leaving her favorite teacher,... Continue Reading →

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