If it’s not in the Bible then why do we celebrate Christmas?

Okay, here we go...let's get real.When I was younger, my mom was dating a man who claimed Christmas was derived from pagans who had orgies under evergreen trees in the forest. Say, what now?It made such an impression on me that I actually feared celebrating Christmas would send me to hell. I was an impressionable little... Continue Reading →

Top 7 Things People Fight About on Road Trips

Ah, nothing signals the official start of summer like a road trip fight. The open road can be exciting to some. The anticipation of the destination...the photo ops...the places never seen...travel stop food...the constant "Are we there yet?" question... and the "Don't make me pull this car over!" response... Pack several people in a small... Continue Reading →

10 Reasons Why I Hate Doing Homework with My Kids

Homework is supposed be for the benefit of my kids. It should only take 20 minutes a night to complete. It says so right in black and white in the school handbook. Insert me laughing, hysterically. After yet another homework fight with my second grader, I wrote a little I Hate You, Homework list. Because... Continue Reading →

11 Ways to Combat Text Bullying

You remember the days of prank phone calls. Chances are you made this one: "Hello." "Is your refrigerator running?" "Yes..." "Then you better go catch it!" Hang up. Laugh hysterically. Admit it. You did it as a teenager. It was annoying to the person on the other end of the line but innocent. Oh, how... Continue Reading →

Older and Wiser?

Nineteen years. That's how long my hubby and I have been married. I had a starry-eyed view of what my marriage would be at 25 years old. Being that 19 years is a long time, I am definitely older, but am I  wiser than when I said, "I do."? Grandma: You know, when I was... Continue Reading →

Generation Gap

Husband and I were talking with our girls about jobs we have had in our lives. I told my 7-year-old I worked for my hometown newspaper when I was 18-years-old. She asked, "What's a newspaper?" After my bewilderment wore off, I explained a newspaper by using an example I thought she might have seen on... Continue Reading →

Instant fireplace for the holidays

It's a little tradition with the kids. Since we don't have an actual fireplace, we create a paper fireplace and decorate it. Usually we draw the complete scene out on butcher block paper, but this year we got a little more creative. We used twelve 12x12 sheets of brick printed scrapbooking paper found at Hobby... Continue Reading →

Snowy weekend

As I write this on a snowy Saturday afternoon I feel more like crawling under the bed covers. Last night we picked up our ’72 Charger up from restoration. It’s been in the shop since May to have it completely redone. I will post more on that next week. Glenn was like a little kid... Continue Reading →

November Joy

In my email inbox was a post from Women Who Believe: "Joy.  Nehemiah 8:10 suggests that the “joy of the Lord is our strength”.  Strength is what we need to get us through these cold days of winter, with our lives often swinging back and forth between the brightness of sunshine and the dredge of... Continue Reading →

Passing the days

We got 3 new mice this weekend. The girls made this lame attempt to say it was my "mother's day gift" but really they wanted the mice. They did allow me to pick one out for myself but I foot the bill! Mother's Day...bah humbug! I hope you were one of the lucky mothers out... Continue Reading →

Watercolors with kids

Today was a watercolor kind of day. Don't you just love a brand new set of paints? It's been a long time since I have painted...obviously. The butterfly is heavy handed but, like I tell the kids, art isn't about being perfect, it's about creating something. I always go light on my critique of my... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the world of competitive figure skating

Alex had her first solo figure skating competition this weekend. She competed last season on a synchronized skating team but this is a completely different league. The new competition skate dress. I spent hours gluing the jewels on this dress. I thought it was pretty good, but seeing on the ice, I think there isn't... Continue Reading →

Whatever happened to good ‘ol fashioned book reports?

WARNING: I just need to vent. I just want to know when it happened that 4th graders are expected to do so much homework (a.k.a. busy work)? My 4th grade is reading the novel Robin Hood and His Merry Men. She brought home a packet of fill-in-the-blank worksheets and crossword puzzles. After an hour and... Continue Reading →

How to take care of a dog

The following is an expository writing assignment by my 10-year-old, complete with her spelling errors. I really need to work with her on her spelling when I become a full-time stay-at-home mom! How to take care of a dog. I have always wanted a fabulice white poodle. My friend had two poodle. She had a... Continue Reading →

December Daily | Day 20

Alex started her big day out by vomiting up her dinner from the night before. It's a big day because she has her holiday skate exhibition at the rink; this is not the way to start the day! Good news is she wasn't running a fever. I went to work and then left early to... Continue Reading →

Have a Simple Merry Holidays

Walk through Target (or any other retail store for that matter) and you'll notice that the Halloween decorations have been replaced with Christmas merchandise. The good news is you can snag a bag of peanut butter cups for 75% off! The bad news? We will have toys advertisements & electronic sales shoved down our throats... Continue Reading →

Halloween fun in photos

Yes, we live in Colorado, but that hasn't stopped Parker from asking for surfing lessons! I made the surfboard from foamcore and she decorated with stickers.

How “other” mothers live.

Do you think about how the "other half" of mothers live? Not that other half...the wealthy-with-a-nanny-kind-of-mother. I am talking about the "other" mothers living around the world who are living in poverty, despair, daily fear, and anguish. I do. I think about "other" moms around the world a lot. Today, the other mother will watch... Continue Reading →

Hospitality: Texas Style

Destination: Ft. Worth, Texas, Flinn Family Reunion, June 25, 2011 "Are we there yet?" "Are we getting close?" "When are we going to be there?" "How much further?" These questions can only mean one thing: You are traveling with kids! Almost 800 mile one-way, from Denver to Ft. Worth, and I was trapped in a... Continue Reading →

Their Dad Rocks!

Lucky are my girls to have such a great father. Their Dad Rocks! I created the above artwork to make t-shirts for the girls to wear on Father's Day but...we had a death in the family (our beloved dog, Bailey)...and I lost my will. ******** Update: Okay, some how I found the energy/will to get... Continue Reading →

Where does she get this stuff anyway?

Tuesday night at the dinner table the conversation goes something like this: Four-year-old Parker doesn't want to eat the dinner that is on her plate. She wants something else. Big Mean Mommy (that's me) says, "No. Eat what is on your plate or you will get nothing later." "You ruined my life!" Little Parker screams... Continue Reading →

Thank you, Mom.

Thank you for all the sacrifices you made as a single mother raising two daughters. Thank you for the wonderful memories of Christmas. And the Easter baskets that were always stuffed with chocolate. Thank you for raising us up in faith, even if we left it for a while. Thank you for putting up with... Continue Reading →

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