Hello From My New Blog Home

Welcome to Have Faith Everyday, the new home of Got2HaveFaithBlog. If you are new here...welcome! If you clicked over from got2havefaithblog...thank you and welcome to my new blog home! * * * * * * * New Seasons Make Me Think of New Beginnings... Of all the seasons, autumn is my favorite. The falling of... Continue Reading →

Goodbye autumn…hello winter?

This month... In front of our house there is a huge ash tree. It provides great shade during the summer. We sit under it on the front porch during rain storms and barely get wet. It turns the most brilliant yellow in the fall, then, when the leaves fall the cal-de-sac kids bring their own... Continue Reading →

pumpkin patch digi layout

Too bad the pumpkins got frozen this year. Hard to find a good one that wasn't squishy. Another beautiful day in Colorado. A little story about candy corn and childhood memories.

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