Encouragement for Today.

Do you ever feel like the internet is full of negativity with people just looking for a fight?  Name calling, misunderstood comments, yelling IN ALL.CAPS.Oh.my.gosh. (There really shouldn't be a caps lock button on a keyboard.) In the middle of all the negativity and fighting...there are people in the blogashere committed to the encouragement of... Continue Reading →

There is a Risk in Speaking from Your Heart

Dear friend, To the one who hasn't sat quietly by while letting others dictate what you should think, or feel. To the one who is feeling persecuted for letting your opinions be known. To the one who has been attacked for having the courage to speak up, let your voice be heard. To the one... Continue Reading →

women who inspire

Imagine walking into a public restroom (try to forget the smell that always accompanies there toilets)...You finish using the toilet and walk to the sink to wash your hands. As you look up into the mirror to do a hair check you see a post it note stuck to the mirror. On the post it is... Continue Reading →

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