Small Seeds Bible Campaign

LISTEN TO THIS: There are 80,000 people who will die today in South Asia without ever hearing about Jesus Christ. They don't know his name, let alone that He died for them. Let that sink in a moment. They don't know HIM. 97% of these unreached people live in an area called the 10/40 window. Yet,... Continue Reading →

Small Seeds Doing Good | The Prom Dress Project

This post comes from my friend and co-worker. She is a Small Seed doing good works. In one of the most under-served areas of the Denver metro area, Liz is on a mission to make a difference in young people's lives. To show them there is a better life for them, there is someone who... Continue Reading →

Reaching the Most Unreached | myGFA

Do you wish you could be a part of reaching millions with Christ's love? There are people who are doing just that in small ways. I would like to introduce you to these people. August edition of Small Seeds is brought to you by Gospel of Asia and myGFA. Clara | Turned her love of... Continue Reading →

Kids Growing Small Seeds, Doing Good

My late father-in-law always said, "Never plant seeds before Mother's Day." And, since he was the king of growing pole beans, I listened. Oh, how I miss his home-grown green beans! His theory of the perfect time to plant seeds was rooted in the idea that there was no longer danger of frost after Mother's... Continue Reading →

It’s a Birthday for a Cause

Who is the most devalued human being on the planet? WOMEN. Right now...4.3 babies are born every second. Right now...1 in 125 women die during childbirth in the Achham District of Nepal where Nyaya Health works. Right now...3,000 clinics throughout Nepal, most of them do not function properly due to lack of skilled staff and... Continue Reading →

Year of Action | Doing Good

Question: What is your do-good passion? Do you wish to help fight childhood hunger in America? Do you, or a loved on, have Juvenile Diabetes and your greatest wish is to find a cure? Is your passion to help at-risk youth make a better life for themselves? Does the thought of another child being bullied to... Continue Reading →

kids feeding kids

"We don't have anything to eat!", say my two kids... Even though the cupboards have food in them, they insist there isn't anything to eat. We may not have any {insert favorite junk food here}, but there is plenty of food to eat in the house. My children are very lucky to have never had... Continue Reading →

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