Three Years Living With Dogs

It's been three years living with THESE dogs. Three years ago, hubby's best friend from high school passed away suddenly. Needless to say, it was a shock to us all. In his will, we inherited his dogs. We just lost our beloved Beagle of 14-years, and were ill-equipped in handling an 80-pound black lab, named... Continue Reading →

Life | June, Week One

LIFE NOW  |  Alex's bike was stolen from our front yard last nite. Of course, this was one week after hubby had scolded the girls for leaving their bikes out (because they might get stolen), and I rolled my eyes (because they haven't been stolen in 6 years). Sigh. Luckily, hubby found her bike on... Continue Reading →

Life around here

The dogs are playing tug-of-war with a sock. This is why the girls never have socks. Parker has made a tent under the dining table (in background). She has brought out every single stuffed animal she owns to camp out with her.I took Alexandra to the doctor for something completely unnecessary. She can be a... Continue Reading →

Lazy Friday

Today I dropped the girls off at school, took a 40 minute walk, cleaned the black lab hair off the floor (sweep, Swiffer, & vac), cleaned the bathroom sink and shower, loaded & unloaded the dishwasher, started two loads of laundry, shopped at Costco for steaks, then I finally relaxed. Is that bad? Not even... Continue Reading →

Dog (and Human) Training 101

Thanks to a good friend who died last year, we now own a Black Lab and a Toy Poodle. The Lab, Thor, is exhibiting behavioral issues such as, barking excessively, barking at the doorbell, charging the door when we answer it, pulling on a leash and general aggressiveness towards strangers. The aggressive behavior is the... Continue Reading →

How to take care of a dog

The following is an expository writing assignment by my 10-year-old, complete with her spelling errors. I really need to work with her on her spelling when I become a full-time stay-at-home mom! How to take care of a dog. I have always wanted a fabulice white poodle. My friend had two poodle. She had a... Continue Reading →

24th Day of January

I enter my friend's name in my Bible today. She died last night. Her body could not recover from the stroke she suffered last week. I read once that when someone leaves your life it just means that their chapter in your book has ended.  I think I am in the anger stage of grief... Continue Reading →

Dog collar with bling

I got this super cute dog collar in the mail from my step-mom today. She hand sews these glass beads onto the collars. This is the perfect amount of bling for our poodle, Rocco. He looks so fierce, don't you think. Thanks Kathleen!

I think they are making themselves at home

So, the saga continues... Let me just say (again) if you die and the executor of your will is not a relative, well, that makes things really complicated! Everything has to go through probate. Any living relatives (no matter how far removed) get a chance to contest the will. Don't  forget to get the will... Continue Reading →

Inheriting dogs

I have mentioned that my husband's best friend from high school passed away a few weeks ago. In his will, Husband was willed his black lab. And because the friend's father also died a few weeks before him, he had inherited a French poodle. We intern, inherited both dogs! Choosing an executor of your will: ... Continue Reading →

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