How do you use Instagram?

I take pictures with my phone or iPad and post them to Instagram, but I am not sure why...Yikes. Don't hate me. Don't get me wrong. I like technology. I argue with hubby that Instagraming/twittering/blogging/texting will help keep me in touch with young technology. In other words, it will keep me from turning into an... Continue Reading →

December Daily | Thirteen

When I started December Daily this year I was committed to posting every, that is harder than I thought! Some days in December are just ordinary days with little exciting to document... So, for day thirteen I'll show you my layouts so far. I use a digital 8.5 x 11 format, then I can... Continue Reading →

First Day of School Layouts

I survived the first week of the kids going back to school! But of course, they didn't get any homework. I suspect next week they will get down to business. Yesterday we went to the Pro Shop and ordered Alex's competitive figure skates and blades. She can hardly wait for them to come in. We... Continue Reading →

december daily | day one

{left} Completely the idea of {right} Just after I got done saying that Santa isn't the reason for the season...we have him at our house. I am using pieces from an Ali Edwards freebie {love her!}. 25 days of Advent: Day One. I am not sure I can come up with 25 actual days.... Continue Reading →

another school year

Another school year has started. Alex is a big 3rd grader now and has really taken notice to fashion. Oh, I am so in trouble! Above is the layout I did for her first day of school. Parker started Pre-school too. She was excited but also sad that she would be leaving her favorite teacher,... Continue Reading →

summer: in the moment

This In the Moment is brought to you by Parker Faith and simple joy on a tire swing. Digital scrapbook elements & background paper: Bohemian Summer by Michelle Coleman at

memories of summer

I got the idea of "memories of summer" from Ali Edwards except her version is "stories of summer". Yeah, I scrap-lifted the idea. I love her blog. Her layouts are so sophisticated in design.  Summertime is the quintessential season for being a kid. Carefree days of running around bare foot, playing in the sprinklers, riding a bike,... Continue Reading →

spring in colorado

  We went in search of snow on April...we had to go all the way to Loveland Pass to find it! Above is the layout I did of our treak. Yesterday it snowed. May 12th. It snowed. About 3 inches. Crazy Colorado weather.

what we did today

woke up. got alex ready for school, dressed, breakfast. got parker out of bed and dressed. took girls to school, my day to carpool. went to office to pick up pay check. bank to deposit pay check. stopped by daycare to pick up book parker left in her cubbie and had to have...right now! sign... Continue Reading →

show and tell

Parker is now 3 but I still remember the days when she stuck a pacifier in her mouth the moment she woke up in the morning. There was always a pacifier with her. I scrapbooked this story, if for nothing else, to remind me to "take joy in the little things". One of my favorite... Continue Reading →

’tis the season

Glenn had to put a stop to a little boy calling the house for Alex last night. He had been calling for the last 3 days, 2-3 times each day! And, they're only 7 years old. I saw into my future at that moment. Glenn told the boy that 8 p.m. was too late to be calling.... Continue Reading →

celebrating 3 with a digi layout

Every year when one of my two daughters turn another year older I design a scrapbook layout celebrating them. I like to list their likes and dislikes, such as fav color, fav food, non-fav food, fav tv shows, nickname...just fun things about them. This layout is purely digital except for the hand print of my... Continue Reading →

pumpkin patch digi layout

Too bad the pumpkins got frozen this year. Hard to find a good one that wasn't squishy. Another beautiful day in Colorado. A little story about candy corn and childhood memories.

nickel and dimed

Ever feel like you are constantly being nickel and dimed for everything? Take my daughters school for instance. I think it should be renamed the School of Nickel and Dimed Academy. It's only October 2nd and already Alex has brought home 2 different fundraisers; there is a monthly fundraiser at a local pizza joint; and... Continue Reading →

road trip

Road trip from Denver to Baton Rouge. Day one: We stopped to take a look at Capulin Volcano outside of Raton, NM. The area between Raton and Clayton, TX  is an 8,000 square mile volcanic field! All these years of us driving to Texas and never have we stopped to take a look. The girls... Continue Reading →

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