The Most Wonderful Time of Year has Come and Gone

The most wonderful time of year has come and gone. I don't know if you noticed, but the stores wasted no time in putting away the Christmas merchandise and have brought out the Valentine's AND Easter candy. I know, right? But, hey, before the New Year, let's take a moment to recap the holiday season,... Continue Reading →

Making Macarons and December Daily Stuff

The prettiest of the cookies has to be the Macaron. This little French cookie is one I don't bake well. And, by 'don't bake well', I mean I bake something that resembles a hockey puck than a Macaron. Oh, I've tried...and failed. But this year I spied this little kit at, where else, Target. It... Continue Reading →

Pass the whine…

You know what is a real let down? Finally getting a date night with hubby, then eating a bad meal. Seriously. We eat out so little that when we finally do get a date night the meal should effing fantastic, but it wasn't, and that sucks. I know. Boo-hoo. Okay, enough whining... This weekend we... Continue Reading →

December Daily | 14

Where to begin? Yesterday, another school shooting here in Colorado. One student in critical condition, the teen shooter dead at Arapahoe High School. Today is the Sandy Hook School shooting 1 year anniversary. I had to turn off the Today Show yesterday morning. Too many tearful memories were being replayed. I can't seem to get... Continue Reading →

Santa Ornament (Lazy) Tutorial

December Daily | 8 This weekend's Advent gift was crafts. We made these cute Santa ornaments. Inspiration by Pinterest. I am not good with tutorials. So, here ya lazy Santa ornament tutorial. Enjoy! Go make something creative. ***** BTW: I was featured last week on Living Well, Spending Less. If you're interested in fun ways to... Continue Reading →

How I Know It’s Two Below Zero

DECEMBER DAILY | 7 If you look our house up on Zillow, it will tell you a lot. You will find out our house 1568 sq. ft. That it was built in 1973. Zillow claims there is a one-car garage. There is now a two car garage. It is listed as having a fireplace. I... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Wrap-Up

It's December 1st. The quiet of November is over...usher in the "beautiful mess" that is December. {sigh} Over this month I will be creating posts revolving around December Daily. (If you're not familiar with this month-long documenting of all things December, head over to Ali Edwards to get the 4-1-1.) But, before I can begin... Continue Reading →

December Daily | Twenty-three, Snow and other things…

We finally got snow last week! And, as luck would have it, I went to my old office to work for the the snow storm. It felt like going home to visit your crazy family after being away for a while. Familiar but different; and always entertaining. Rocco was so intent watching "Christmas in... Continue Reading →

December Daily | Nineteen, Girls Day

Alex and I went shopping for one last gift. But before we headed to the mall we stopped by Starbucks for a mid-morning treat, Mocha Frappaccino and a Sugar-Free Iced Latte. The mall was a mad-house (of course) and even Alex (a.k.a. mall rat) didn’t want to deal with the crowd. We then went to... Continue Reading →

December Daily | Eighteen, Preserves

This summer I had a little obsession with Bing Cherries. I bought a huge package at Costco, bought a cherry pitter and froze about 10 cups of cherries. My intention was to ask  friends Mary to teach me to make preserves with the cherries. She brought over her canning supplies and we cooked up two... Continue Reading →

December Daily | Fifteen, Top 3

So, remember that girls night out I was telling you about? (See Day 12). On the tables was a handout entitled "7 Ideas for a Grateful Christmas".  In place of a list full of "wants" there should be a list of what we already have, and share it with others. We all want nice things.... Continue Reading →

December Daily | Fourteen, Spiderweb

I am turning out all the lights in the house. The kids are tucked into bed but they are trying to get out of bed. I walk through the dining room when I turn around to see a huge spiderweb. I mean, it is HUGE! Like, as-big-as-a-dinner-plate huge. I am not freaked out by spiders.... Continue Reading →

December Daily | Thirteen

When I started December Daily this year I was committed to posting every, that is harder than I thought! Some days in December are just ordinary days with little exciting to document... So, for day thirteen I'll show you my layouts so far. I use a digital 8.5 x 11 format, then I can... Continue Reading →

December Daily | Twelve, Women’s Espresso

Monday night was a little "girls night out" (to church). Our church hosted a Women's Expresso Christmas Boutique. It was a night of sweet treats, coffee and shopping for a cause. We were presented with stories of how God is working in the lives of beautiful women living in Haiti, Kenya, Thailand, and Cambodia. These... Continue Reading →

December Daily | Eleven, Santa

Just dropped of their letters to Santa. I really thought Alex, who is 10-years-old, was going to realize the "Santa deal". But she still worked on her letter. Parker (6), on the other hand, thinks that Santa will deliver ANYTHING she puts on her list. She realized after we mailed her letter that she left... Continue Reading →

December Daily | Ten, Traditions

When you think of your childhood during Christmas time, what comes to mind? When we were growing up, our mom always filled a glass jar with this mixture: peanuts, M&M's and raisins. This glass jar always sat on the coffee table for a quick grab treat. I don't know why but this simple thing sticks... Continue Reading →

December Daily | Six, All is Bright

Photography Assignment: Food. It's no surprise I chose to photograph cupcakes for this assignment. I photograph them a lot. But I was really more interested in the Brokeh lights. I finally got it! All is bright.

December Daily | Five, Exercise

Want to know what kind of shape you are really in? Just start working out at a gym. You'll quickly realize that you were fooling yourself into thinking that walking in the park for an hour was keeping you fit. Hubby and I are working out every morning, right after we drop the kids off... Continue Reading →

December Daily | Four, Weather

Um, isn't it December in Colorado? You wouldn't know it by the weather we've been having lately! It was so warm today that when I was out running errands I actually turned on the air conditioning in the van. It looks like Sunday is our best chance for snow and seasonal weather. Did you know that... Continue Reading →

December Daily | Three, Ornaments

This year I made ornaments from an old Scrabble® game. If you don't have an old game lying around the house, you might be able to find an inexpensive set at a second-hand store. Spell out your words. They could be anything that has meaning to you. Even spell gift recipients names. I originally got... Continue Reading →

December Daily | Two

Day One of the girls' Advent calendar was books. Books wrapped in plain white paper under the tree. Books to add to the collection: Bad Kitty Christmas and Mortimer's Christmas Manger. ****************** To read more about December Daily, head over to Ali Edward's blog. Need Christmas book ideas? Check out Simple as That's list of... Continue Reading →

December Daily | One, Advent

It's time once again for December Daily. December Daily is a scrapbooking album project by Ali Edwards that celebrates all things December. Even if you are not into scrapbooking you can still participate through your journaling, photography, or blogging. It's a great way to document this special time of the year. And to document stories... Continue Reading →

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