I am sure my hubby wonders what the heck we do all day now that I am home with the girls. Well, let me tell ya, I am not sitting around watching Soap Opera's! Are they even on TV anymore? I realize that this may be kind of boring to a lot of you, but... Continue Reading →

I {heart} snow days?

It was a snow day yesterday. The first snow day of the school year. I was all excited until 10 a.m. when the fighting started. Fighting. Over. Markers. {sigh.} And, the forecast had everyone scared we were going to get 14" of snow that the school districts cancelled school before even one snowflake hit the... Continue Reading →

Project Life | It’s Monday

Drag myself out of bed. Wake the girls up. They need breakfast. TCAPs start today. Good news is there should be very little (if any) homework this week. Drive to Target to pick up hubby's prescriptions. Pharmacy doesn't open til 9am. Drive back home. Vacuum carpet. Sweep floor. Swiffer floor. Empty dishwasher. Move dirty dishes... Continue Reading →

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