Summer is Officially O-V-E-R…Over

School started two weeks ago. That means summer is officially O-V-E-R...over. Bring on fall?! I thought I would dump a bunch of random photos here that have nothing to do with anything except...this was our life this summer. Reflecting on #Summer2015 And, finally, goodbye Summer 2015. It's time for schedules and homework and sport events... Continue Reading →

St. Malo Church in Photos

        *Photos taken from our trip to Estes Park, CO. If you like it, pin it, but please don't steal it. Copyright 2014, Jeri Stunkard.

Alone in the City | Winter Photography

@ Stanley Lake, Colorado Living in a big city I feel like I am not really ever alone. Sure, I can be alone in my home, but when at the park, or on a walking trail, I always meet people there enjoying the same trail/park. And, it feels weird if I don't see people at... Continue Reading →

Everyday Joy | Echo Lake, CO

In 2013, my One Little Word was Joy. And part of that joy was doing things brings me, well, joy. Besides to attend art school, I moved to Colorado for the mountains. If I could, I would move to the mountains. I love the snow, the wildlife, the pine trees, all of it. It's my... Continue Reading →

Colorado Gold

This weekend: Guanella Pass for aspen spotting. It's a fall must-do if you live in Colorado (in my humble opinion). Pure Joy: Walking through this aspen forest I made a wrong step and twisted my ankle. Don't worry because I made a quick recovery with a Jason Bourne-style shoulder roll to the ground. It wasn't... Continue Reading →

Echo Lake Picnic

Last week we threw some sandwiches and drinks in a cooler and headed to the mountains. I really needed my mountains-fix. On the way down the mountain we stopped at my favorite place to explore near Mt. Evans. This river, with its many little waterfalls, is just off the main road on the Idaho Springs... Continue Reading →

Free Day at the Museum

Free day at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science  |  View of the Denver Skyline on the 4th floor. Why have I never known about this view before now? "Expedition Health is about YOUR human body-how it is constantly changing and adapting in ways you can see, measure, and optimize through the choices you... Continue Reading →

Go, See, Do | 2013 Free Days in Denver

Denver Zoo Monday, November 4th Friday, November 15th Wednesday, November 21st Denver Art Museum Saturday, June 1st Saturday, July 6th Saturday, August 3rd Saturday, September 7th Saturday, October 5th Saturday, November 2nd Saturday, December 7th Denver Museum of Nature and Science Monday, June 3rd Monday, July 1st Sunday, July 21st Sunday, August 11th Monday, August... Continue Reading →

I {heart} snow days?

It was a snow day yesterday. The first snow day of the school year. I was all excited until 10 a.m. when the fighting started. Fighting. Over. Markers. {sigh.} And, the forecast had everyone scared we were going to get 14" of snow that the school districts cancelled school before even one snowflake hit the... Continue Reading →

Project Life | Week Four

Finally! It's snowing. I have the flu but I couldn't resist take a few quick shots of the snow on the way to drop the kids off at school this morning. Would you say that is dedication or an illness? Parker got a tattoo this week. Yep! It's a full tattoo on her back. Thankfully... Continue Reading →

December Daily | Merry Christmas

My old friend, Ray, let me in on a little secret: Downtown Golden is the place to be for Christmas lights. He told me of a very large tree where each delicate branch is wrapped in lights like a canopy of brightly colored stars. This Christmas season, may you take time to look at the... Continue Reading →

Why I live here: First snow of the season

Thursday | October 25  I woke up this morning with a sinus headache. A cold front moved into Colorado and the pressure is messing with my head. Oh, there is snow on the ground. Maybe three inches. I wasn't in the mood to do anything--including the housework that I had planned. As I took the... Continue Reading →

A little bit of everything

Finally, I got out-of-town and into the mountains I love! This past weekend was possibly the last chance to see the Aspens in all their glory of gold and orange. Taking the advice of a friend we headed up Hwy 119 from Boulder to Nederland, Colorado. I posted over on my travel blog about hiking... Continue Reading →

Vail, Colorado

We're back from the Vail Invitational. Alex competed in two skate events, compulsory and free skate. The whole experience left me with a somewhat sour taste in my mouth. Not from how Alex preformed, because I couldn’t be more proud at how she handled herself, but from how so many skate-parents behaved. Let me start... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on the 4th of July

Fireworks, cook-outs and cherry pie are 4th of July traditions. But, this year fireworks are cancelled in much of Colorado. Denver is still participating in this July tradition (and getting a lot of criticism for it). Most cities, including Westminster which we live, have deemed it too dry and hot to risk a fire being... Continue Reading →

Colorado Forest Fires: UPDATE

Today: Record high of 102° (the average is 85°) 12 14 Forest Fires Burning in Colorado: Waldo Canyon Fire: 11,000 people (all of Manitou Springs) evacuated, estimated 300 acres burning, 400 firefighters on scene, Colorado Springs. UPDATE: Colorado Springs Proper evacuated tonight, Historic Flying W Ranch burned to the ground, homes are on fire. 346... Continue Reading →

Panning for gold.

My sister left her 3 kids with me for 5 days (13, 13 and 12-years-old). Her 3 kids, plus my 2 kids, equals 5 kids for FIVE-WHOLE-DAYS. The fact that it was my idea to keep her 3 kids for 5 days is beside the point. I am going to look at it as a... Continue Reading →

It’s not the destination, but the journey.

Final resting place. My family (Mom, sister with her fiancée and kids) were here this past week to spread Ron's (my step father) ashes in the Rocky Mountains. Since he didn't specify where to spread his ashes, it was left up to us to decide. He really should have known better. There was a plan,... Continue Reading →

Waterfall Love.

With my nieces and nephew in town this week I thought it would be fun to take them up to Argo Gold Mine in Idaho Springs to pan for gold and a tour. To read about my bad review of the mine, and our fun trip to the cemetery, hop on over to my Travel... Continue Reading →

Forest Fire.

Colorado is no stranger to forest fires. There's a one raging right now (maybe you've heard). Too early in the season. That's not clouds, folks. That is the smoke from the fire. Looks like half of Denver is on fire but it is actually southwest of the city. The Lower North Fork fire has claimed... Continue Reading →

That’s how we roll in Colorado.

S'mores on the back patio in winter with 1-2 inches of snow on the ground. Because that's how we roll here in Colorado!  I gave it my best shot (pardon the pun) in capturing the moon from the back patio. The Denver Broncos and QB Tebow made it another nail-biter with their win in OT... Continue Reading →

December Daily | Day 22…snow day

I am snowed in on my day off, again. How is that for luck? At least I didn't have to brave the commute to work this morning. "...the closest thing to heaven anywhere is a quiet (almost) Christmas morning in the Colorado snow." --Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Officially Broomfield, Colorado got 12 inches in total.... Continue Reading →

Goodbye autumn…hello winter?

This month... In front of our house there is a huge ash tree. It provides great shade during the summer. We sit under it on the front porch during rain storms and barely get wet. It turns the most brilliant yellow in the fall, then, when the leaves fall the cal-de-sac kids bring their own... Continue Reading →

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