Revelation 1:9-3:22 Letters to the Seven Churches

Today I am unpacking the letters to the seven churches in the Book of Revelation. A huge observation is the same sin that plagued the seven churches also plague the Church today. Fair warning, some of you may not like what is said here. It opens up a lot to inspect in our Church. I... Continue Reading →

What does “Sunday Best” mean anyway?

I've heard some say to attend church you must "dress the part". That means you must dress up in "proper" church attire...your Sunday best. Apparently that includes no Twilight t-shirts, no ripped jeans, no bedazzled pink skull and cross-bone shirts, no cut-offs, and no low-cut shirts showing off what God gave you. But wasn't it... Continue Reading →

the man does not make the church

There is a saying "the man (pastor) does not make the church". The pastor is just using God's church to teach His word until the day comes that God calls the pastor to do work elsewhere. You know, when a pastor leaves his church there is a sort of mourning that takes place among its parishioners. It's something like... Continue Reading →

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