It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas…

Last year I made mini cran-cherry pies in a jar and homemade hot fudge for Christmas gifts. They were a HUGE hit! This year I am thinking about CANDY! A little Christmas inspiration after the jump...

how to sneak halloween candy away from your little goblin.

We all do it. (You know you do too.) We all dig through our kids Halloween candy stash for that covenanted chocolate bar or sour candy. Sneaking hard-earned Halloween candy from your little kiddos takes stealth-ninja-like prescision. You can't just go taking whatever prized candy you like right in front of their eyes. Unless you... Continue Reading →

kids in a candy store

Yesterday we took a free tour of Hammond's Candy Store/Factory in Denver, CO. You may have seen the candy factory featured on the Food Network but to see it up close¬† even was really cool. Hammond's still hand makes their candy using original candy making machines. And it is beautiful candy. Having to smell candy... Continue Reading →

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