Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World – The Book

My one word for 2016 is GRATITUDE. It's no surprise that I signed up to receive a pre-release of Kristen Welch's book, "Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World". I want my kids to be a lot of things. I want them to be happy, caring, healthy, successful, and basically not be jerks. But gratitude... Continue Reading →

Dear Ladies, Your Story Matters

Dear ladies, There is something that you need to know...YOUR STORY MATTERS. Yes, you. You, working two jobs to make ends meet, keeping your kids feed. You, caring for an aging, sick parent while working a full-time job. You, fighting some sort of addiction. You, mentoring youth-at-risk. You, changing diapers, cleaning up puke, and doing... Continue Reading →

How Not to Scar Your Kids for Life … Talking About Sex

  Let's Talk About Sex (Amazon) Book by Planned Parenthood/Mar Monte A read along for ages 9 to 12 and their parents Two years ago my oldest daughter was in 5th grade. That is a big year in school for kids. It's when they start transitioning from "little kids" to "big middle schoolers". It's a... Continue Reading →

Learning to Say Yes in My Mess | #yesinmymess

  I used to say yes to everything. I said yes to things I didn't want to do, mostly because I felt I "had to". Even when my heart said no, my mouth said yes. I thought that saying yes made me a better wife, mother, friend. Saying yes became a competition with other mothers.... Continue Reading →

is it time to leave our church?

  When, if ever, should you leave your church in search of a new one? That is the question our family finds ourselves asking. We love this church. We loved the old pastor. We loved his speaking style, the way he spoke of scripture while applying it to everyday life. When he left for another... Continue Reading →

summer reading list

I was first introduced to the writing of Mitch Albom when a friend gave me his book Tuesdays with Morrie. The book tells the story of Albom's old college professor who had ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig's disease). Because, at the time, Ron (my step-father) had just been diagnosed with the same fatal disease. That was almost... Continue Reading →

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