31 things | covet or crave

The prompt word from 31 Things at Big Picture Class was "Covet". Call me crazy but that just sounds to "Biblical" to me, so I changed the word to "Crave" instead. TRAVEL, it’s what I crave most. I have a bucket travel list of places I want to see or do before I die. I... Continue Reading →

31 Things | Purchase

Lately my purchases have revolved around home improvement. Mainly, the exterior of our house. I have scraped, sanded and painted the exterior of the house trim. I was on top of the garage roof, scraping and sanding, when I realized I don’t like being up that high. When Glenn and I first moved into this... Continue Reading →

31 Things | Transportation

I never wanted a minivan. Minivans are “soccer mom vans”. They’re just not cool. I’ve always wanted a Jeep. When I was 20 years old I wanted a CJ7 Jeep so bad I was willing to learn to drive a stick shift. It’s harder than it looks, so, I settled for a Geo Tracker. It... Continue Reading →


I watch my girls. I watch how different they are from one another. Alexandra: the perfectionist. Parker Faith: the free spirit. I watch what they say to one another. Sometimes saying such hurtful things it makes my heart ache. I watch how Alex is growing into a beautiful young lady. A lady that is learning... Continue Reading →

Me…in this moment

Mother, wife, graphic designer, friend, photographer, chef, nurse, travel coordinator, volunteer, blogger, daughter, stay-at-home mom, scrapbooker, maid, stain remover, Christian, therapist, font lover, ice skater, cookie baker, listener, book lover, explorer, creator, faithful, dog trainer, big sister, craft director, organizing specialist, dishwasher, taxi driver, ruler of the broom, house painter, observer... Favorite part of the... Continue Reading →


I am not good to watches. I am kind of notorious for losing them. I have had many expensive watches, of which I have lost over the years. I lost a diamond watch  in Las Vegas Glenn gave me. It had a bad clasp. I lost another expensive watch (Glenn also gave me) on an... Continue Reading →

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