Retail therapy…’cause it’s cheaper than real therapy.

We skipped ice skating lessons this morning. Alex had a headache and I needed the extra sleep after the stress and sadness of these last 2 weeks. (Sorry coach!) I am still in shock that Kari died from a stroke. Everyone says, "she was so young!" Yes, she was young, but stroke knows no age... Continue Reading →

That crazy thing called Hormones.

{TMI Alert} After being diagnosed in December of 2010 with hormonal issues and menstrual irregularities that were causing me not to ovulate every month, the doctor prescribed birth control pills. After only a month and a half the pills I thought I was going crazy. And not PMS-kind-of-crazy but let's-drive-off-a-bridge-crazy. Scary stuff. Fortunately, years of... Continue Reading →

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