Philippians Bible Study

Understanding Philippians

Anyone who says, “People don’t change,” never read the story of Saul/Paul.

Originally named Saul, Paul was the number one enemy to all Jesus’ followers. He made it his life’s work to seek out and persecute Christians. And, when I say “persecute” I really mean he stoned, arrested, crucified, tortured, and killed all those who believed.

He was not a nice guy.

To better understand Philippians, which is a letter Paul wrote to the people of Philippi, we first must understand who he was before he became a believer.

Dive deeper into this amazing story of Paul and his redemption below.

Philippians: The Back Story

Philippians: Prayer for Philippi

Philippians: What’s Important

Philippians: W.W.J.D.?

Philippians: Kindred Spirit

Philippians: Don’t Listen to Dogs

Philippians: Whatever, plus a free download

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