Springtime Re-do

Somewhere around the first of January I chose my One Little Word for 2015. I was stoked when Create whispered to my heart. I chose the word create because that is an area in my life I felt I had neglected for some time. I busied myself with collecting supplies, making a small space to... Continue Reading →

World Water Day | March 22

One of my pet peeves is when I see someone (cue a certain member of may family who will remain nameless) leave the water running for no apparent reason. I get it, we take fresh, clean water for granted. With a quick turn of a handle, it's right there. We don't think much about wasting... Continue Reading →

ALS Denver Walk in Photographs

Walk Details: 3K around City Park Lake, Denver, Colorado. September 13, 2014. To date, walkers around the country have raised over $21 million during the Walk to Defeat ALS! That is a lot of moo-la to help find a cure for this terrible disease. My favorite shirt: "Believe. Pick a stronger word than Hope. Cure.... Continue Reading →

An Open Letter to Our Elected Officials, No. 2

Dear elected officials, It is with a heavy heart that I am writing this letter. I had high hopes for you. I had hoped that you would make good on your campaign promises. I believed you when you said you would change this country; make it better, greater, safer, stronger. You said you could fix... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Countries For the Persecution of Christians

According to Open Doors World Watch List*, 100 million Believers in Jesus Christ have been persecuted for their faith. In America, we take religious freedom for granted. We totally do. Imagine being a Christian but not having a Bible to study the Word of God. Imagine not having the freedom to walk with your God.... Continue Reading →

In My Instagram Filtered Life | #BringBackOurGirls

I love Instagram. There are so many cool filters that make my pictures look good. (And when I say "my pictures" I really mean selfies.) In this part of the world called the United States, making your life look good, happy, thin and perfect is important. Really important. And, if your life is not all... Continue Reading →

In the Midst of Hopelessness There is Hope | Not Your Ordinary Mother’s Day Story

Mother's Day is this Sunday. I am so blessed to have a mother that is loving, caring, faithful, funny, beautiful, generous. (I love you more, mom!) I once read that you should pay attention to what makes you cry, that will show you where your heart lies. What makes me cry? The oppression and mistreatment... Continue Reading →

Planting Small Seeds to Grow Big Ideas

Ideas are like small seeds. Stay with me here... What happens when you plant seeds? If you take care of the seeds, they will grow into something big and beautiful...like a giant pumpkin that wins a blue ribbon at the county fair. You start with a small idea. Right now it doesn't look like much.... Continue Reading →

This is Where I am Slapped Out of my Pity Party

I personally have spent over 8 hours on trying to sort out ObamaCare. Does anyone fell my pain? I have been filling out forms, making phone calls...I mean, waiting on hold for hours on end...jumping through hoops only to be told that was the wrong hoop, taking original documents to a office that is not... Continue Reading →

Making Your Dreams Come True

She operates a lovely spa in her home. One with sweet smelling lotions, waxes for removing unwanted hair, facial creams and a massage table. She dreams of taking over her basement and creating a wellness center. A place where one can go to relax, research wellness options, take an aromatherapy class, get a facial to... Continue Reading →

It’s a Birthday for a Cause

Who is the most devalued human being on the planet? WOMEN. Right now...4.3 babies are born every second. Right now...1 in 125 women die during childbirth in the Achham District of Nepal where Nyaya Health works. Right now...3,000 clinics throughout Nepal, most of them do not function properly due to lack of skilled staff and... Continue Reading →

One Thing I Take For Granted…

On my weekly grocery shopping trip to Target last weekend something unusual happened. The normally overstocked produce was bare. Everything that should be refrigerated, produce, fresh meat, lunch meats, dairy, eggs, was almost empty. Taped to the shelves was a note "Refrigerator outage. We apologize for the inconvenience." The cashier later told me the refrigerator... Continue Reading →

Year of Action | Doing Good

Question: What is your do-good passion? Do you wish to help fight childhood hunger in America? Do you, or a loved on, have Juvenile Diabetes and your greatest wish is to find a cure? Is your passion to help at-risk youth make a better life for themselves? Does the thought of another child being bullied to... Continue Reading →

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